McCain: Heroism and Fallibility

Recently, Senator Amy Klobuchar made a dubious claim regarding the late Senator John McCain.  She claimed that, as she sat next to him during President Trump's inauguration, McCain began reciting the names of dictators.  In case her sledgehammer subtlety left the hayseeds confused, she explained that McCain was alluding that Trump himself was a dictator.  It is reasonable to take her tale with a boulder of salt.  Klobuchar is one of two dozen wayfarers of that conflagrant clown car of aspiring Democratic presidential nominees.  She currently clings for dear life to the chicken wire securing its rickety rear bumper, hoping against hope she not be among the first to be jettisoned into its dusty wake of irrelevancy.  To paraphrase the then-floundering Jeb, this could be her desperate "please clap" gambit.  Cheesy headlines are headlines nonetheless. However, it is also reasonable to believe that McCain actually behaved that...(Read Full Article)
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