Mark Cuban: Good at Business, Bad at the Second Amendment

As a businessman and personality, entrepreneur Mark Cuban is somewhat tolerable.  Like many, however, he needs a "Shark Tank"–type schooling in American history and constitutional civics. Last month, Cuban, who's been teasing a 2020 run for president, offered yet another hackneyed Democrat proposal to rewrite the Second Amendment out of our Constitution and our history. His three-pronged plan is this: first, that the Constitution be rewritten to state that every American citizen has the right to own a firearm; second, the federal government can never confiscate legally owned firearms; and third, states should have the right to oversee and manage how restrictive or, ahem, liberal gun laws should be.  I say "liberal" because our Founders were America's original liberals; I rarely call Democrats liberals because, well, do most Democrats remind you of Washington or Jefferson? The one-sentence text of the Second Amendment was...(Read Full Article)
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