In All the Mueller Talk, Don't Forget the Embarrassing Jerrold Nadler

Robert Mueller stirred the pot, then retreated from the chaos.  Sitting in his comfy sinecure, funded by the American taxpayers, he absolves himself of any heavy lifting.  Like the second-leg relay racer, whose lap has been run, Mueller has passed the baton and now believes he is nothing but a spectator.  To whom has he passed that baton?  None other than House Judiciary chairman Jerrold Nadler. This battery-operated cipher, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, is a prime example of opportunity lost.  Lamentably, he may reflect the voters of his district, but he is no sadder than several other Democrats, who also seem to lack a demonstrable intellect.  The public has actually seen Democrats praise unemployment checks as economic stimulus, decry military personnel for capsizing islands, and say China is just good folks, so thinking Americans are no longer expecting much out of them.  Nonetheless, this sad...(Read Full Article)
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