In All the Mueller Talk, Don't Forget the Embarrassing Jerrold Nadler

Robert Mueller stirred the pot, then retreated from the chaos.  Sitting in his comfy sinecure, funded by the American taxpayers, he absolves himself of any heavy lifting.  Like the second-leg relay racer, whose lap has been run, Mueller has passed the baton and now believes he is nothing but a spectator.  To whom has he passed that baton?  None other than House Judiciary chairman Jerrold Nadler.

This battery-operated cipher, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, is a prime example of opportunity lost.  Lamentably, he may reflect the voters of his district, but he is no sadder than several other Democrats, who also seem to lack a demonstrable intellect.  The public has actually seen Democrats praise unemployment checks as economic stimulus, decry military personnel for capsizing islands, and say China is just good folks, so thinking Americans are no longer expecting much out of them.  Nonetheless, this sad spectacle of a man, while doing such a good job of demonstrating a Napoleon complex, still denies to voters from other districts the services they deserve from the Judiciary Committee.

Once Nadler decided to champion a conspiracy theory — that is as patently false and easily disprovable as Russian collusion — he and we have to play out the string.  In doing so, he got applause from the MSM that would embarrass a self-respecting person.  Like the dupe whitewashing a fence, there is no awareness of being used.  Now he is stuck with his weird position, since he cannot muzzle the ego that motivates him and thereby run the risk of disappointing his MSM worshipers.  Not self-aware enough to know he is UFO crazy, he keeps going, and going, and going.

Normal behavioral checks have been lost.  Zealotry is a harsh taskmaster.  It forces you to actions that an analytical person could not countenance.  Nadler's own political allies have chosen an odd couple to carry this torch, and Schiff must be wondering why he is now playing second fiddle to Nadler.

As the Kabuki theater is playing out, the other Democrats are not about to restrain Nadler.  They are afraid of the crazies he is placating and have decided to keep their heads down.  Like Mikey of cereal commercial fame, he is the guinea pig, and his fellow travelers are waiting to see what happens when he tries it.

Being unable to discern when you are being played is more than unseemly; it carries the ability to damage this country.  As his own allies watch, Nadler rails against his opponents, who have the temerity to fail to assist him in his cause.  He has to know he cannot handle the intellectual challenges in advancing his UFO theory.

If Nadler were possessed of foundational evidence, the first thing he would have done is — wait for it — read the Mueller Report!  His failure to do so is the answer to every question about his cause.  Perhaps he should instead offer a prayer to St. Jude.

When your mouth is writing checks that your intellect cannot cash, you risk becoming an object of scorn and ridicule.  It is so deserved in this case.  Watching Jerrold Nadler is a cringe-worthy experience.  How can voters shelve their pride to vote for him?

By issuing more subpoenas in four months than his predecessors did in six years, Nadler shows how extreme the fervor has become.  Lash out at everyone; negotiate with no one.  Not a recipe for success, but I suppose he missed the George Bush town hall question: "Can't we all just get along?"  So, like any good autocrat in training, he lets his response reflect his underlying anger and his desire to rule rather than serve.  Bernie gets more customers for that act than Nadler ever will, and even his appeal is slumping.

How can this grand conspiracy be fleshed out?  Nadler could call Mueller to testify, and Barr green-lighted it.  So what's holding up the appearance?  Did they run out of subpoena forms?  Maybe they cannot spell M-U-E-L-L-E-R?  More likely is that Nadler cannot develop a credible narrative, nor can his staff.  His earlier evasive maneuver, to avoid directly facing Barr, is the tell.  Too cowardly to take on the issue alone, he sought to enlist staff to question Barr.  It was an obvious ploy, to avoid showing how grievously unprepared he is.  Barr wouldn't play, so the little storm trooper acted as if he had identified an enemy of the state.  The contempt for Barr was just Nadler's personal feeling, not an institutional transgression.  The only one in that affair, deserving of contempt, was Nadler.

With the appearance of Mueller, we could see just what Nadler's mind is capable of.  That would be like watching a rerun of I Love Lucy.  Nadler knows that such an appearance would demonstrate the vacuous nature of his actions.  Without a coherent defense from Nadler, Mueller would be eviscerated by the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee.  Unlike the chairman, who doesn't know what questions to ask, Republicans would celebrate like mosquitoes at a nudist colony.  It would be a field day, and Jerrold Nadler and Robert Mueller would be revealed in front of God and country.  This epic fail would doom them, their puppeteers, and the entire Democratic Party.  

Anything that will move forward a Mueller appearance should be encouraged.  I see that my congressman, Doug Collins, who has been so courageous, has suggested publicly that Nadler issue a subpoena for Mueller.  Collins should promise Republican votes to support that subpoena, or perhaps make the motion himself, and watch the Democrats squirm.

Democrats should heed the dictum: be careful what you ask for.

Gordon Wysong is an engineer and entrepreneur who served as a county commissioner in Cobb County, Ga.