Conservatives Can Defeat Big Tech. Here's How.

Dear big-name, successful conservative media figures: you hold the power to defeat online censorship. With Google's recent demonetizing of commentator Steven Crowder's YouTube channel, the question of how to take on the Big Tech Industrial Complex has been resurrected. Perhaps, however, we on the America First/Republican/conservative/true liberal side, bound by our unwavering love of the right to free speech, irrespective of how loathsome the speech may be, are going about this the wrong way. I always make mention of the DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex). There's also a CMIC (Conservative Media Industrial Complex).  The CMIC has gained strength thanks in large part to the internet. There are tens of thousands of political content creators who live in fear that what they produce, whether for commercial or hobbyist reasons, will be subject to the arbitrary and baffling speech standards of Big Tech. I am not looking to put tech companies out of...(Read Full Article)
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