Congress Must Subpoena Robert Mueller for Questioning

Friday, speaking to Jan Crawford of CBS This Morning in an interview, Attorney General William Barr had some pretty extraordinary things to say.  In the interview, Barr indicated that Robert Mueller could have chosen to make a call on whether Trump had engaged in criminal activity regarding obstruction but chose not to do so.  This surprised Barr and deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and forced them to make that call.  In addition, Barr stated that "he [Mueller] also said that he could not say that the president clearly did not violate the law, which of course is not the standard we use at the department."  This indicates that Mueller and his team inverted the standard of a prosecutor in the United States from innocent until proven guilty to guilty until proven innocent.  Barr also stated that "we didn't agree with the legal analysis — a lot of the legal analysis in the report.  It did not...(Read Full Article)
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