Can Our Nation Conduct an Honest Election in 2020?

I watched on C-SPAN the recent Trump campaign rally that took place on May 20 in Montoursville in rural Pennsylvania.  The regional airport outdoor venue drew a large overflow crowd of over ten thousand enthusiastic supporters as the president spent approximately an hour reviewing all his accomplishments in office, emphasizing his administration's record economic successes.  He also highlighted key issues such as immigration, trade, energy, late-term abortion, and foreign policy as he criticized the radical left-leaning Democratic Party's agenda and specifically presidential hopeful Joe Biden. President Trump made his case for electing more Republicans, such his local host, Fred Keller, to Congress and also set the stage for his 2020 re-election bid of which Pennsylvania will play a key role.  While watching Trump use his unique style and personality to effectively deliver his pragmatic and mostly moderate to conservative policy agenda, I...(Read Full Article)
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