A Realistic Proposal for Taming the Facebook Goliath

Public opinion against Facebook has been growing recently, as security breaches continue to occur on its vulnerable platform.  Many politicians have now realized that the companys unprecedented power and outsized influence are insalubrious for a democratic republic. No measurable progress in curtailing the power of Facebook can be made unless politicians educate themselves about Facebook's business practices and acknowledge the role they played in creating the threat Facebook now poses to the body politic. Facebook's surreptitious business model There is no high-tech magic or mystery underlying Facebook's highly lucrative business model.  The company attained its lofty status as a $478-billion behemoth by pilfering, manipulating, and selling its customers' private personal data. The company developed and implemented, with ruthless efficiency and a callous disregard for the security of its customers' private data, an ingenious...(Read Full Article)
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