Yet More Corruption in Horrifyingly Corrupt South Africa

South Africa has been bleeding money in recent years, but it's also lost professionals and the wealthy whites who have kept the nation running.  The fleeing whites have been running to the safety of other nations because of poor working conditions in South Africa, including legal affirmative action making jobs and job advancement impossible for whites.  The South African Fin 24 reported, "About 3,000 super-rich have left SA in the past 10 years." Sensible whites are fleeing the nation because of multiple problems with race relations, banking, crime, unemployment, health problems with 19% of the population infected with HIV, educational problems with inadequate buildings and dangerous latrines where kids have fallen in and drowned, and political corruption.  It is a seething volcano about to explode. Rape is common in the major cities, with one man in three admitting to having raped at least one woman and over 25% of...(Read Full Article)
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