William Barr in the Crosshairs

Attorney General William Barr, in keeping with commitments made during the confirmation process and in an effort to quickly answer questions in which the public had a profound interest, provided within days of its receipt a synopsis of conclusions reached in the report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  The Mueller Report was issued following a lengthy investigation into charges that President Donald Trump or associates were involved in criminal collusion or obstruction of justice relative to dealings with certain Russians in an effort to illegally influence a U.S. election.  Quoting extensively from Mueller's conclusions, Barr's synopsis explained that there was insufficient evidence to determine that laws had been broken or that conditions necessary to prove obstruction of justice had been met.

Within three weeks, Barr had further provided a redacted copy of the Mueller Report for public consumption and a less redacted report for the appropriate congressional committees.  The information provided and conclusions found in the redacted report, while not what Democrats or their media co-conspirators had anticipated, conclusively demonstrated the integrity of the initial four-page synopsis for which Mr. Barr had been severely criticized.

Since the Mueller report has effectively brought to an end federal investigation into the actions of the president and his associates, the spotlight now turns toward a number of investigations that may reveal a far-reaching scandal like no other in U.S. history.  Beginning before and continuing long after the 2016 presidential election, it seems likely that crimes of a preferred presidential candidate were overlooked while the campaign of the candidate in disfavor was spied upon without cause and accused of criminal behavior without evidence.  It appears that U.S. and foreign intelligence services were politicized to first prevent the election of and then destroy a fairly elected president of the United States.  It appears that multiple federal law officials lied to the FISA court to initiate unwarranted spying on American citizens, and it further appears that numerous government officials lied both to law enforcement and to the Congress to cover up crimes and obstruct justice.

With the appointment of Attorney General Barr and the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, a page has clearly been turned at the Department of Justice.  The inspector general is concluding an investigation into possible abuse of the FISA court and the actions of former FBI director James (higher loyalty) Comey.  U.S. attorney John Huber should be concluding his investigation into the FISA request to surveil Carter Page and whether the DOJ and FBI ignored allegations of Hillary Clinton's involvement in the sale of U.S. uranium rights to Uranium One.  Attorney General Barr himself has initiated investigations into the underlying evidence presented for spying on a presidential campaign, leaks of classified information, and related crimes. 

It seems clear that crimes have been committed.  It is hard to imagine that there will not be indictments, trials, and convictions (perhaps many convictions).  One has to wonder, however, what punishments exacted following convictions for various criminal acts can possibly be commensurate with the damage caused our nation through divisiveness, distrust, and literal hate created or intensified by the ordeal to which it has been subjected. 

On Monday, Attorney General Barr met with the Senate Judiciary Committee to answer questions with regard to the synopsis and redacted versions of the Mueller Report — and, as it turned out, to defend himself from various and disparate charges questioning his understanding of law, his integrity, his decency, and his impartiality or lack thereof in his handling of the Mueller Report.  One thing was made abundantly clear by Democrats on the Judiciary Committee: since the president has been cleared of the essential charge, criminal collusion, and is likely immune from further Democrat efforts to destroy him, William Barr has taken Trump's place at the top of the Democrat hit list.

It was absolutely necessary that Hillary Clinton be elected president in 2016.  It was essential that Clinton control the levers of power to cover up the illegal machinations of the Obama administration.  But she lost.  Her electoral failure made necessary the destruction of President Trump.  Impeachment was the goal, with irreparable disruption of his effectiveness as an alternative.  While Trump's enemies came close to success, this also seems to have failed.  The clear and present danger now is the unassailable William Barr.  All of those things that must remain hidden — all of the dirty tricks, all of the leaks, all of the criminality — all is at risk because of William Barr.  The Democrats and their sycophants in the media will be vicious in their efforts to destroy him.  We have seen evidence of this since the day he released his synopsis of the Mueller Report.  It will only grow worse.

William Barr, even more than President Trump, may be the most important man in America at this moment in time.  His integrity, strength of character, belief in America, and belief in the rule of law are what stand in the breach between the destruction of America as we have known it and its defense and restoration.  Never before in my lifetime has our nation or our attorney general faced a greater internal peril than today.  If ever an attorney general needed our prayers, that time is now; that attorney general is William Barr.

Image: CNBC Television via YouTube.

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