What Promise-Keeping Looks Like

A special election underway today in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District offers voters a chance to deliver a verdict on the promises kept by President Trump, whose pro-growth economic policies have reinvigorated the Keystone State’s economy, sending unemployment to record lows and reviving once-struggling industries.  We can do our part to keep the good times rolling by sending State Representative Fred Keller to Washington to help support the America First agenda in Congress.

Marc Friedenberg, the Democrat who is running against Keller in the special election for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District today, once called for a middle-class tax increase, arguing that the middle class has to pay “their fair share.”

"We should be raising taxes on the middle class so that they're paying their fair share," he said in a 2017 video.

Of course, raising taxes — especially on middle-class Americans — is precisely the opposite of the approach that has finally jump-started the languid economy that President Obama left as his legacy.

President Trump visited Montoursville yesterday to campaign for Fred Keller, and addressed a highly enthusiastic crowd of supporters;

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When candidate Trump visited Pennsylvania in 2016, he promised that American workers “will finally have a President who will protect them and fight for them.”

“We will stand up to trade cheating anywhere and everywhere it threatens an American job,” then-candidate Trump pledged. “We will make America the best place in the world to start a business, hire workers, and open a factory.”

Since his very first day in office, Donald Trump has worked tirelessly to turn that vision into reality, implementing policies to improve our economy, repair our healthcare industry, and bring back the prosperity that never materialized under the previous administration.

In order to protect American workers from unfair competition, for instance, President Trump  renegotiated the disastrous NAFTA deal that cost the U.S. at least one million jobs, withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership that threatened to impose a similar burden on our economy, and imposed targeted counter-tariffs on serial trade cheaters, such as China.

The Trump administration has also made enormous strides on healthcare by lowering the cost of prescription drugs and correcting some of the worst problems with Obamacare while still protecting pre-existing conditions, including eliminating the individual mandate, an onerous requirement that burdened Americans everywhere.

Thanks to his policies, prescription drug prices are falling for the first time in 47 years, resulting in savings of $26 billion. Obamacare premiums, which increased rapidly for most of the law’s history, are even projected to decline for the first time ever in 2019.

The President’s most significant achievement to date, however, is the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which slashed taxes on ordinary Americans and provided corporate tax relief that has spurred hiring across nearly every sector of the economy.

Thanks in large part to the stimulus provided by those middle-class tax cuts, Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate reached 3.9 percent in March — the lowest level ever recorded. Pennsylvania businesses have added 123,600 jobs under President Trump, including thousands of jobs in industries such as manufacturing that had languished under Obama’s regulation-happy two terms in office.

Despite the President’s impressive record of delivering results for Pennsylvania and the rest of the country, however, the Democrats have opted for an obstructionist strategy of automatic opposition to Trump’s policies. Friedenberg would just be another soldier in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s far-left army, assisting in her efforts to frustrate the President’s agenda that has generated historic prosperity.

GOP nominee Fred Keller, on the other hand, shares Trump’s economic vision, and will be a steadfast ally to the President, helping him to advance his effective policy agenda. Keller’s experience as a small business owner and his record of supporting pro-growth policies as a public servant even earned him the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, which praised his “deep understanding of the challenges small business owners face, such as taxes and regulations.”

Thanks to President Trump, Pennsylvania's economic engine is roaring once again. It's now up to us, the voters, to defend this newfound prosperity against the power-hungry Democrats, and we can start by sending Fred Keller to Congress when we go to the polls on Tuesday.

Rose Tennent of Pennsylvania has been a prominent figure for twenty years as a syndicated conservative political talk show host. She is a frequent guest host for Sean Hannity’s Radio Show and is a regular guest on Fox News She is currently serving on the Advisory Board for Moms For America.  She spoke at last night’s rally in Montoursville, PA.