The Religion of Feeling: A Warning to Conservatives

For a vast percentage of those on the left, all the rhetoric comes down to one basic and very emotional platform: they are the good guys, facts be damned. And despite the tendency of the rational to dismiss it, this is not a platform to be trifled with.

When asked what their political beliefs are, liberals all repeat the same chant: the right is evil, corporate, racist, intolerant, and homophobic, and the left is “humane,” “tolerant,” and “nice.” They don’t even use the word “good” because that lexicon is fraught with the implication of a moral code that does not pay homage to the new religion of feeling.

One woman I know who attends church sporadically but identifies herself as a Catholic also calls herself a liberal and a Democrat because she sees herself as caring about people (her words). She sees this divide in sharp relief when it comes to borders and wall-building, despite the fact that in the broader understanding of “home” her position was a Maginot Line that left her, her family, and her friends completely undefended.

I asked her, “When you go to sleep, do you close your front door? Do you lock your sliding doors?”

“Of course,” she looked at me sideways. Who doesn’t close their doors at night?  

I said nothing further. She is one of the most cautious people I know, fretting over what might happen to herself, to her loved ones, under any circumstance. Why she is cautious in her home, tending so scrupulously to her own little borders, but caring not a whit about our country’s borders is honestly beyond me.

This is the emotional chasm. This is the great divide between Democrat and Republican. It is not statistical. It is not logical. It is a profound disconnect between thinking and voting. And if Republicans do not begin to address it, we stand to lose -- well, everything.

What is the Theology of Nice?

“Nice” is fitting in, doing what they want, not really hurting anyone (as long as we don’t count the infirm, who need to be euthanized, and the unwanted unborn, who need to be aborted), and most important of all the progressive sacraments, never judging anyone else unless he’s a white male.

How they feel is the cup of the progressive communion. They do not vote their beliefs as much as they vote their emotions. They feel better about themselves by calling themselves Democrats and socialists, conveniently forgetting that the Nazis called themselves the same thing. They care about lonely, lost children on the border, once again forgetting that the vast majority of border violators are not children or women or aged, but lone young men. They care about bullied transsexuals, again forgetting the littlest victim of all -- the unborn.

The irony, not lost on anyone who has been keeping up with left-wing intersectionality, deplatforming, and censorship on campus, is that what they call “nice” is only delusionally so. They’re as nice as Bolsheviks were benign.

For some reason, Republican strategists do not seem to understand the importance of this emotional groundswell. Republicans are still appealing to reason and facts while Democrats are appealing to the enormous head of illogical steam that lurks in the unconscious minds of youth.

In the last election cycle, while the Democrats were flooding the airwaves with emotion-laden ads, the Republicans were deathly silent. In this manipulation of emotion, the Democratic pontiffs are perpetrating the grandest, most insidious cultural revolution in modern history.

So, what are the Republicans doing about this? Not a whole lot. The passivity of the protectors of the republic is beyond my understanding.

The Tenets of the New Cultural Revolution

What are we actually in for if we don’t take progressives seriously and don’t fight back?

  1. We will have no moral code at all. In the new world order, there is no single morality because there is no one God. Morality in a pantheistic universe is relative. Our feelings are the baseline and the compass. I have debated this point of view even with people who still profess to believe in the God of the bible and have come away with the understanding that the ruler is now made of rubber.
  1. As there is no absolute Good, there will be no absolute Evil… Instead of sin, we will have only trauma. Instead of sinners, we will have the underserved, dispossessed, and impoverished. No one will be accountable for their own behavior. Instead, they will blame corporations, which will become the dumping grounds of their own inadequacies.
  1. The state will be the new parent… All that is good must proceed from the governmental breast. The most poignant and recent end result of this is the new Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) program in Canada that targets four-year-olds, teaching them they have a right to question their biological sexuality before they even know what sexuality is.
  1. Everyone -- even adults -- will be legally entitled to a safe space (teddy bear provided at taxpayer’s expense) at work or on campus so that they can emotionally protect themselves from those points of view that rattle their tender nerves. In truth, these safe spaces are zones in which constitutional rights can be abolished.

The ultimate destinations of these artificial and delusional safe zones are intellectual and creative vacuums. Case in point: the most creatively rich location in the United States was Brooklyn, NY, with more Nobel Prize laureates per square foot than any other place on earth. It was also the most diverse, cantankerous, and disputative, with more arguments and dialogues per square foot than any other place on earth. People disagreed all the time, even while they ate at the same table, went to the same weddings, and sat on the same stoops. They also wept at each other’s funerals. A difference of opinion was never a reason for self-protection.

  1. There will be no struggle, but there will also be no success. The ideal is a classless society in which there is no above and no below, there is no surrender and no adoration, all things are guaranteed equal, banal, and morally vague. The state is the only sanctioned corporation and elected officials the new oligarchy.
  1. Nothing will be privately held, including beliefs. Everything will be scrutinized under the tyrannical lens of social opinion.
  1. Freedom will only be a value applied to sexuality and gender. Everything else will be subject to the state’s value system, including the value of life.

It is not a “nice” picture at all, is it?

But it is our future unless the Republicans begin to understand what is at stake and fight back.

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