The Deal: Everything but What Will Work

I want to say it before it is released and becomes obvious: The upcoming peace plan will probably fail. Do not get me wrong. I hope that my assessment is incorrect, but I seriously doubt it will be.

One problem is that while the expected peace plan will offer a lot of economic incentives, as if that were sufficient, it assumes that the majority of Palestinians will take it.

It may be that some individual Arabs take bribes. But that does not mean that the Arab people of Palestine as a whole will sell that fervent patriotism that they guard so jealously -- Zeev Jabotinsky, The Iron Wall

What many fail to realize is that the Palestinians actually love the land. This is why this conflict is so intractable. It is driven by more than just anti-Semitism. Though it seem incomprehensible to us, the Palestinians feel wronged by the creation of Israel.

They feel at least the same instinctive jealous love of Palestine, as the old Aztecs felt for ancient Mexico , and their Sioux for their rolling Prairies. -- Zeev Jabotinsky, The Iron Wall

If Jabotinsky, the founder of right-wing Zionism, admitted this, why do so many believe this problem will disappear with a mere show of strength, because the "Fakestinians” are not a real people? Zabotinksy never uttered such an absurdity. He knew what the Jewish people were up against.

The Palestinians have a competing identity. It does not matter that some among them once wanted to join Syria. Texas eventually joined the United States, but Texas had a competing nationality – which gets reasserted from time to time. Likewise, the Palestinians have a competing identity.

The proposed plan does not address this root problem.  From what has been seen, it will only offer economic incentives.

Many will say that Israel’s claim is superior, so the Palestinian claim is effectually voided.  I can accept that, but I am not Palestinian.

Israel wants control over all the land west of the Jordan -- and I don’t blame them -- but, understandably, Israel doesn’t want to enfranchise the 4± million Arabs in Gaza and Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) – again, I don’t blame the Israelis.

The plan will maintain total Israeli control.

The leaked version (translated by Google App) of the plan in the Hebrew language edition of Israel Hayom refers to a bridge, indicating that the ports will be offshore, indicating that Israel would police them. This is a variation of what was suggested before.

Government to examine MK Katz's proposal to construct artificial island near Gaza for import of vital goods, to be inspected by Israeli security; Israel also ready to provide gas, employment, water, if international donors foot the bill. -- YNET

Despite the diplomatic double-speak, Israel would remain in charge of airspace, coastlines, borders, population registry, et al., as they do now. Yes, the Palestinians will be given a border to Jordan, but the gates will certainly be policed by the IDF.

The plan is trying to get the Palestinians to surrender all claims for political independence in return for economic concessions. Maybe it is a great idea. Some Zionists, such as Daniel Pipes, have suggested imposing a total defeat. The usual examples given are the surrenders required of Japan and Germany. But Japan and Germany were eventually restored as nations. There is no chance of that for Palestine, and so the example fails.

A better example might be the Confederacy; but the South was quickly re-enfranchised into the Union, and there is no chance that Israel will enfranchise millions more Arabs, so that example fails also.

The outgoing French ambassador to the United States, Gérard Araud, [said] “... if you offer the Palestinians the choice between surrendering and committing suicide, they may decide the latter. -- The Atlantic

Maybe the proposed plan is more than Israel should give the Muslims; but the fact is that it is far less than even moderate Palestinians would ever accept.

The only answer is ugly. Let’s not pretty it up. Both sides detest each other, and many on both sides want the other side to disappear -- with many refusing to even recognize the existence of the other side. The comment section of this article will be full of those who call one side Fakestinians, while other commenters will refer to Jews as European Khazar imperialists. Animus at that level cannot be negotiated.

Get the Palestinians to leave. That is the only solution.

Pay those who will yield but be prepared to pay a lot. It will be expensive. It has to be, to overcome past grievances and a natural resistance. The $30 billion dollars that the plan will spend to set up New Palestine would be better spent paying 300,000 Palestinians to relocate at $100,000 per person.

A family of five, with half a million dollars, could find welcome nations in Africa, Araby, or Asia. South America would welcome Arabs, especially the Christian ones -- though I think Israel should enfranchise the Christians and let them stay.

Is that ugly?

You bet it is! It is one step shy of ethnic cleansing, except that payment will be offered.

There is no other solution. At this point, they cannot live together. They have to be separated, and that is the only thing that a dime should be spent on.

I am not saying Israel is 100% innocent. No nation is. In fact, I find a lot of pro-Israel talking points to be duplicitous, because Israel wants to hide what is going on among some of their own extreme elements.

However, the Muslims are batsh*t crazy and psychotically violent; and there is no other way to describe them. The Muslims destroyed the once decent, Christian-ruled Lebanon and -- if given any leeway -- would destroy Israel, too.

Get the Palestinians to leave.  Do not pretty it up.

1) First, Judea and Samaria has to be bought out. Forget about Gaza initially. Judea and Samaria is the Jewish heartland. There are roughly 2 million Muslims there. The number should be reduced to 500,000 or less.  At $100,000 per person, that would cost $150 billion dollars.

2) Pay young women to leave first. Many women will jump at the chance to flee Islamic oppression. Paying men to leave would only mean more women for each man and will not stop the demographic problem.

3) Since the “Jewish state” will benefit, it is only reasonable that diaspora Jews pay for a lot of this.

4) Set a sliding scale. Those who sign up to leave last get less money.

5) At some point, force will be required to move the recalcitrant, which may be more than is expected.

6) In the long run, this is cheaper than nonstop war.

Even paying them may not produce the result desired. In that case, one side or the other will be genocided. I do not like saying any of this. What I am suggesting is the erasure of Palestinian nationality (who does exist, despite what some say), but I would be upset far worse, if Israel were destroyed.

Mike Konrad is the pen name of an American who wishes he had availed himself more fully of the opportunity to learn Spanish better in high school, lo those many decades ago.  He runs a website, Latin Arabia, about the Christian Arab community in South America.