Sandy O Starts Feeling the Heat

Ever true to her sophomoric self, the Democratic party’s new thought leader never stops thinking about what’s best for the planet, and what’s most punitive for the old white patriarchal robber barons who run it. And Sunday was no day of rest for this champion of all things green. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s cortex was buzzing with the thought of a new grievance she’d dug up while visiting a communal garden in her Bronx, New York, district. In the Instagram video that followed, she revealed her discovery of an elitist “colonial approach” that’s taken root in most of today’s community gardens -- a surprise to everyone, especially the gardeners. Evidently by omission, they’ve been guilty of denigrating the “culturally familiar” vegetables prized by communities of color: long-oppressed indigenous peoples and slave progeny whose culinary traditions are being dismissed by community garden...(Read Full Article)
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