Politico beclowns itself trying to psychoanalze Trump

Without many good scoops from their Democrat buddies these days, Politico has taken to psychoanalyzing President Trump. It's embarrassing: It was January 2004 and Donald Trump was on the “Today Show” to promote a new reality TV series called “The Apprentice.” Almost immediately after the interview began, Trump started bragging about the unparalleled intellect of the contestants who would compete for a job at one of his companies. “These are 16 brilliant people. I mean, they have close to 200 IQs, all of them,” he told host Matt Lauer. “And some may be beautiful and some may not be beautiful. But everybody has an incredible brain.” It wasn’t the first time Trump fixated on IQ as a measure of a person’s worth — or, as is frequently the case, worthlessness. And it wouldn’t be the last. Fifteen years later, Trump, now president of the United States, still uses IQ as a shorthand for intelligence,...(Read Full Article)
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