Our Collective Dive off the Cliff

The burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame — in the heart of Paris, in the heart of France, in the heart of Europe, in the heart of Christendom and Western civilization — was an absolute cultural catastrophe.  In the fire's aftermath, there poured forth an avalanche of articles — penned by authors no doubt sincere and well intentioned — about resilience, about perseverance, about timeless truths, about rising from the ashes, about wake-up calls, etc.  I purposely waited a month to see how much time would pass before, as a society, we refocused on more monumental concerns, such as President Trump's abysmal golf scores or at what point during S8E5 Daenerys lost it.  In a fit of naïveté, I wildly overestimated our capability for perspective.  Turns out I needed to wait about fourteen minutes.  When Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minneapolistan) referred to Notre Dame as just "art and architecture,"...(Read Full Article)
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