MAGA: Make America Grown-Up Again

The Pentagon recently released data stating that 24 of the 34 million Americans aged 17–24 — 71% — are ineligible to serve in the military, due to obesity, a criminal record, or lacking a high school diploma.  The 24 million are also ineligible for most careers.

I'd be willing to bet the 71% is actually too low, if you add drug use into the mix.

Why are approximately three out of four young American adults fat or uneducated or criminals?  Kids aren't born that way; they're made that way.  Where are their parents?

The College Board, which administers the SAT college entry exam, recently announced that the test will assign an "adversity score" for each student, to determine social and economic backgrounds.  Students will not be told their scores, so they won't know their "
We don't need no stinkin' SATs, adversity scores, LSATs, GREs, or any other BS standardized test.  What America's future educators; lawyers; lawmakers; and, most importantly, parents, need is a GUT: a Grown Up Test.  Hell, I say test some adults!

Village Idiots All Around

The results of the GUT will confirm whether the child was raised by present, loving but tough parents or by the Democrats' "it takes a village," "fundamental transformation" "democratic socialism" useful idiocy.  I've long said these ideologies, while mostly the same at their cores, are political terrorism.  The Pentagon's data confirm that our future holds some real and alarming national security concerns.

The questions of the GUT are inspired by my upcoming first book, 10 Warning Signs Your Child is Becoming a Democrat.  I avoid policy and hone in on parenting.  I believe that if my playbook is followed, we can ensure that future generations of our youths grow up to be, well, grown-ups.  Here's a sampling of the questions:

  • Is one's race, sex, ethnicity, or country of origin equal in value to his skills, achievements, qualifications, or accomplishments?
  • Does one deserve a trophy or medal just for showing up?
  • Does "inequality is the new equality" pass constitutional muster?
  • Should one who thinks at age 40 the same way one thought at age four be considered a grown-up?

The vast majority of these troubled youths and young adults live in cities run by Democrats for tens of thousands of consecutive days.  These cities are rife with single or no-parent homes, the highest rates of gun violence and death, failing schools, inter-generational familial poverty, rampant drug abuse, and little to no economic mobility.  Any dumb-dumb can procreate; it takes actual work to raise children to be law-abiding, productive adults.

To answer the "why?," there's a two-pronged approach: cause and intent.

The cause is the Democrat culture of zero accountability; little to no law and order; and myriad conspiracies about imagined racial, ethnic, and gender discrimination and victimization.  Having said all this, adults are responsible for their own decisions.  There's the rub, however: tens of millions of Americans adult in age aren't adult in thought, which dictates behavior.  Reality is like gravity: it's the same for everyone.  Gravity doesn't care about your race, sex, ethnicity, or bathroom of choice.  How one interprets reality is derived from whether one is grown up or not.  Politics is downstream from culture, and nowhere is that truer than in Democrat-run municipalities.

If there's concurrence on the cause, then that brings us to the uncomfortable intent question: is the cause coincidental, incompetence, or intentional?  The evidence, in no way, supports coincidental or incompetent.  Both are statistically — dare I say, scientifically — impossible. 

Politics is never coincidental.  Incompetent?  Sure.  But even a broken clock is correct twice daily.  So what explains the same ills all across America, in Democrat city after city, for generation upon generation?  The only logical explanation is that the destruction of cities, the nuclear family, and communities is deliberate.  If this is true, then the Democratic Party is the most dangerous group in the history of our republic, foreign or domestic.

The Parents-Kids "Best Friends" Myth 

Kids should not be political pawns, but I often joke that someone is going to indoctrinate your children.  If it's not you, the parents, then the Democrats will exploit and engineer your kids into Vladimir Lenin idol-worshiping societal burdens, who will seek to impose their anti-American idiocy unto our lives, our children's schools, our rights, and our businesses. 

I sometimes hear parents say they and their children are "best friends."  When uttered, I need a defibrillator for my shortness of breath and cardiac arrest.  Parents who believe they're best buds with their children may as well just scream "Allahu akbar," because the vast majority of those kids will grow up to vote for Democrats who apologize for, and are petrified of, Islamic supremacists who strap suicide bombs to their bodies.

I may not be able to prove it, but I guarantee you some of the 24 million young adults the Pentagon reported on were "best friends" with their parents — if they had parents at all. Senator Kuckoo Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), a declared Democrat 2020 presidential nominee, believes that parents and teachers are responsible for raising children.  Nah, Kuckoo, wrong; teachers teach, and parents parent.  Yes, teachers, coaches and other community leaders complement parents, but parents are responsible for raising their children.  Period.  If Kuckoo wants "it takes a village," she should move to the Islamic Republic of Iran or to Venezuela.  Her statement disqualifies her from being president.  Get Kuckoo a GUT, and fast!

Good and decent people can sometimes be bad parents.  I'm a relatively new father, so I'm still learning and, I hope, keeping the screw-ups to a minimum.  Let him who has not fatherly or motherly sinned cast the first stone.  Somewhere along the way, though, parents abdicated their responsibilities to the devoutly secular god known as the State.  I don't believe it's too late to right the ship, but we're never more than a generation away from loss of liberties.

Democrat policies are guaranteed to fail our nation and our children.  Grown-ups of America, unite!  More than ever, our children need us.

Rich Logis is host of The Rich Logis Show, at, and author of the upcoming book 10 Warning Signs Your Child Is Becoming a Democrat.  He can be found on Twitter at @RichLogis.