Creating America's Soul: E Pluribus Unum and Native Identity

In March CNN’s Christine Brennan berated President Trump, claiming that his hosting of the Clemson Tigers was meaningless as “It was all about using Clemson as a prop.” She criticized him again on the topic of identity appropriation last week as part of the President’s Medal of Freedom ceremony: “You can see Donald Trump wants to attach himself to Tiger Woods.” She added: “…you think about these two men linked together, this was just kind of a ‘bro event.’” Yet Woods also earned Brennan’s wrath as the reporter called the Master’s Champion a ‘sellout’ who stood for nothing, unlike “his peers LeBron James and Serena and Venus Williams” as justified when he didn’t attend President Clinton’s Jackie Robinson 50th Anniversary party in 1997. Yet social scientists such as Robert Putnam and Abraham Maslow counter the sports correspondent’s assessment, suggesting...(Read Full Article)
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