Capitalism, Socialism and the Future: Talking with Charles Payne of Fox Business Network

Last week, I spoke one-on-one with Charles Payne, the Fox Business Network (FBN) host and Fox News Channel analyst and frequent substitute host, who is an expert on all things financial and political.  Payne will be hosting of a live town hall event on capitalism and socialism on FBN Thursday May 16, at 2 PM EDT, part of the channel’s series of reports on the subject that are airing this week. Charles Payne 2018 Photo courtesy Fox Business Network Media Relations Charles Payne is a thoughtful, articulate, and engaging personality whose personal story adds layers of insight to his analysis. Payne was born in 1960 and initially lived in several foreign countries and in different parts of the U.S., a requirement of his father’s work for the military. In 1972, when his parents’ marriage broke up, Payne’s mother took Charles and his two brothers from a comfortable life in the suburbs to live in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood. He spent...(Read Full Article)
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