An Academic Umbrella for Bigots

There is a lot of justifiable hand wringing over the Israel bashing and overt anti-Semitism in American academia. The bias is correctly blamed on the leftist “progressives” who buy into the libels promoted by Moslem/Arab students and their campus affiliated organizations. It is no secret that Saudi Arabia has poured a huge sum of dollars both from government and private donors into American colleges to promote whitewashed Islamic studies and influence opinions on the Middle East. However, there is another culprit, namely the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) which feeds faculty to universities and colleges throughout the nation. MESA promotes itself as: “…a private, nonprofit learned society that brings together scholars, educators and those interested in the study of the region from all over the world.” Most of the “scholars” shamelessly upend Middle East history as follows: The “learned society” soon sees to it...(Read Full Article)
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