Will Americans vote in 2020 to surrender our freedom?

I had the opportunity to see the movie The Invisibles, a German-made film depicting the real life stories of four Holocaust-survivors who disguised their true Jewish identities in wartime Berlin and were able to escape deportation to concentration camps and certain death.  In 1943, Joseph Goebbels declared that Berlin was finally rid of the Jews.  The facts were that 7,000 Jews continued to live in the city, and by the end of the war, a total of 1,500 had survived with the assistance of a select group of anti-Nazi citizens, devout Christians, and devoted communists.  The movie is based on the true stories of four of these individuals and mixes re-enactment of their harrowing individual stories with real-life interviews of all four of these survivors to add authenticity to the narrative. There was much to learn while watching the various episodes and stories of the four survivors, especially when they came to directly encounter the German...(Read Full Article)