What Happens to a Country When All its Young People Leave?

We naturally look at the impact of illegal immigration as it affects us.  This is understandable and appropriate, but there is another reason to want an end to this invasion of people from Central America. What happens to a country when its young adults all leave?  What kind of future does a country have? A significant portion of the illegal immigration tsunami headed to the U.S. is from the Central American countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. In our sound-bite culture, politicians routinely toss off comments about how we should "invest in these countries" to get people to stay there.  Sounds simple -- stick here, carrot there. But it's not so simple.  All three of these countries are rife with endemic corruption and crime that is so rampant, it dwarfs the government itself.  A perusal of the State Department website, the CIA website, and Infoplease quickly paint a picture of these troubled republics. Guatemala has...(Read Full Article)
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