The Marxist's Paradox

In people's perception, both revolutionaries and laypersons, Marxism has always been the theory of socialism and a call for revolution.  However, this is a misconception or even an urban myth regarding genuine, orthodox Marxism.  The false understanding of Marxism was implemented in our subconscious, first of all, by founders of Marxism themselves.  They exhibited profound inconsistency between the tenets of their theory and their political activities.  Secondly, Soviet propaganda replaced the true meaning of Marxism with its revisionist version, Marxism-Leninism. First of all, Marxism is a theory of communism — the extreme and particular case of socialism, characterized by the complete socialization of property, complete collectivization of consciousness, worldwide economic planning, and wealth distribution according to any needs.  Socialism, as a rule, did not set itself such daunting tasks.  There are multiple...(Read Full Article)