The Left's New Teflon Candidate.

The left has more candidates running for president in 2020 than a Boston Marathon. I’ve been in mosh pits less crowded than this claustrophobic roomful of crushing egos.

The Democrats don’t seem to care. Ambition is its own reward, damn the actual results. So the strategy here seems to be the test used to determine when pasta is done -- throw a few strands on the wall. If they stick, voila, you’re good to go.

The problem is that the Democratic field running today have no real fiber. Their positions are uniform, frail and thin. It appears they are all reading from the same Cliff Notes on how each can sound more outlandish than the other in order to secure their base. That’s a problem if your base is essentially fringe and, let’s be honest here, nuts.

Pete Buttigieg is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. The Democrats think this is their man of substance. Why they didn’t think that of Howard Schultz is beyond me. He said too many normal, sane, and rational things which apparently Democrats cannot tolerate.

Pete Buttigieg is gay. The Democrats can’t help themselves at this point when it comes to leveraging novelty, glass ceiling benchmarks in politics. First women, first black, first whatever. It’s like drug addiction. Once you go down that road, you need more. It never stops. Pretty soon it’s like Tourette’s Syndrome. The Democrats can only run now with First Candidates. Perhaps we should now call them the Party of Firsters.

The ironic beauty here is that these are all superficial reasons to vote for anyone and have zero to do with any actual policies or any real fiber. Democrats don’t care. It’s all they have left.  And Martin Luther King, who preached the diametric converse of this, weeps. Instead of a progressive party, we have a stubbornly regressive one, entirely bigoted in its approach, which is externally based and not about positions of what people believe.

It’s as if the Democrats we talk to everyday in our own lives among family and friends view politics through the narrow lens of sports. They want to win and ‘be right.’ The actual policies don’t matter. It never mattered what Obama actually believed. He was the first black president. That was in itself all that was necessary to transform society. It never mattered what Hillary believed. She was poised to be the first woman president. Game, set, match.

Meanwhile you have millions of Democratic voters who think this way, like cheering fans in the cheap seats holding their banners and signs and yet none of them caring about actual economics or liberty.

It’s like my friend last week who messaged me on Facebook. He’s a Democrat. He sent me an article about Pete Buttigieg titled ‘Almost 70 percent of Americans okay with gay presidential candidate, poll finds.’ And then his own question to me at the top of the article; ‘How about you?’

It was pure high school peer pressure stupidity. A leftist tactic. He has no idea how I view people, or how conservatives in general view people, which is to say, we don’t on principle care all that much about things that don’t matter. We only care about policies, positions and belief systems of candidates. Conservatives were never into tribal identity politics. That’s the left’s handiwork. Conservatives believe in liberty and, by and large, want to be left alone. It doesn’t matter. Not to the left. You can tell them that and they will come right back with their bigotry and say, ‘How about you?’ as if they didn’t hear anything you just said. They have a tic.

And so, the left thinks they have their Teflon candidate. They did the same with Obama. It’s their sad and predictable leverage. If you criticized Obama, you were a racist. And so now, if you criticize Buttigieg, you’re a homophobe. Policies? Why go there?

It’s like a car salesman who refuses to open the hood when asked. ‘Why do you want to look under the hood? It’s got amazing paint! Look at the sunset maroon, metallic factory paint job!’ As if cars where only meant to be looked at and never to be taken out for a spin, or to take you places.