The Democrats' Implosion

Looking back on the first 100 days of 2019, the year’s biggest story by far has been the astonishing implosion of the Democratic Party. From the defeat of their claims of collusion, to undermining their self-appointed authority on social justice, to turning into their caucus into a legislative laughingstock, Democrats have fallen apart at every turn to kickstart the year.

The Democrats’ worst timeline began on January 30th when Virginia Governor Ralph Northam endorsed a bill to lift all restrictions on abortion in his state and remarked that, after delivery, a discussion could ensue between a mother and her physicians on whether or not to keep the newborn infant alive.

Only two days later, a photo emerged of the infanticide-defending Governor wearing either blackface or KKK costume (we still don’t know which one was him), which he was apparently proud enough to show off in his graduate school yearbook. The next day he tried to moonwalk his apology back while admitting he had worn blackface on another occasion as part of a Michael Jackson costume.  

Shortly afterward, accusations emerged of sexual assault against Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax. But before individuals had an opportunity to coalesce behind an alternate governor outside this scandal-tarnished ticket, it was revealed that the would-be heir to the throne, Attorney General Mark Herring, also wore blackface in college -- even though days earlier he had called for Northam to resign for (most likely) doing the same. All three remain in power today, perennially disgracing the Democratic Party.

On February 10th, progressive icon Ilhan Omar made anti-Semitic remarks by suggesting that Jewish people control American policy with their money. She has also stated that pro-Israel Americans bear a dual loyalty and that “Israel has hypnotized the world” as regard to their evils, a comment strikingly similar to rhetoric from the classic anti-Jewish tract The Protocols of the Elders in Zion.

In response, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi laughably stated that Omar didn’t grasp the “full weight” of her comments while offering watered-down rebukes short of an actual censure motion.

February 20th saw the indictment of actor Jussie Smollett, who had allegedly been assaulted for being gay and black by two racists in MAGA hats. To those outside of an inept Chicago prosecutor and a small liberal fringe, this “hate crime” clearly was fabricated by Smollett to get attention. Reports indicate that the FBI is now investigating why the charges against him were dropped.

Speaking of investigations, former FBI Director Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report on alleged “Russian Collusion” was finalized on March 22nd. Democrats and their media allies had promised for two years that it would show that President Trump was a Manchurian Candidate who was working hand-in-hand with Putin to steal a victory from Hillary Clinton -- after all, how else could a candidate like Clinton have possibly lost?  

Mueller’s report effectively exonerated the President. The Democrats have a bit of explaining to do here. But instead, they are doubling down on their fringe conspiracy theory that has already wasted $25 million of taxpayer money on a hoax investigation revealing no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.

Looking ahead to 2020, the Democrats’ saw would-be candidate and personal favorite of Bill Maher Michael Avenatti arrested after trying to extort Nike for millions of dollars on March 25th. This, of course, followed his earlier arrest for domestic assault. So much for women’s rights and fighting corruption.

And who can forget the Democrat’s flagship piece of legislation, the Green New Deal?

On March 26th, the Green New Deal failed in a vote on the Senate floor when not one single Democrat voted in favor of the resolution. As it turns out, instead of mounting the political courage to defend their ideas in Congress, they prefer to blow a lot of hot air.

Democrats thought 2019 would be their year to lay the groundwork for taking out President Trump in the 2020 election. But in the first 100 days since they retook the House of Representatives, they have undermined their credibility every step of the way through their scandals and incompetence.  

If the past 100 days are indicative of Democrats’ ability to lead should they be given all levers of power, Americans should be wary of supporting them in 2020.

Nathan Williamson is an activist who has worked with multiple conservative organizations.