The Blatant Left

The entire Trump collusion debacle was played out to the max even though everyone in the media, every Democratic politician, everyone in Hollywood, and even Robert Mueller knew there was no evidence at all indicating any connection between Trump and Russia.  But the lie was carried forward for over two years in the hope that somehow, some way, some random shard of lethal evidence could be found to discredit Trump and lead to his being tossed out of office.  The rabidity of TDS is relentless, to the point that some of its zealots are turning on Mueller for not providing the desired outcome, and subsequent schemes for Trump’s destruction are already being aggressively pursued.

The only collusion was by government officials and the media in a coordinated coup to bring down the President of the United States solely because they resented and disliked him for beating Hillary.  To repeat:  it was not an investigation for collusion – it was an attempted coup, carried out right here in our country.  The weapons?  The press and most media embedded with the Democrats and Mueller’s entire team composed of Hillary supporting, Trump hating Democratic lawyers.  Everyone was salivating at the thought of destroying this presidency.  A few on the other side quietly wonder: if Mueller knew pretty much from the beginning that Trump did not collude, why did it take two years for the ‘investigation’ to wrap up?   Is March, 2019 a safe enough distance from the 2018 November elections to avoid suspicion?  

Almost as frightening as the Left’s overt attack on our democracy and its traditions is everyone else’s seeming aversion to seeking revenge or even accountability.  Memories are short; the Left knows this.  Thus, this complacency helps stoke the furnace that powers the Left to continue to grow more and more blatant, believing -- not incorrectly -- that they can pretty much foster any scam with no need for doing it with any semblance of a clandestine manner. 

The key word here is blatant, and that is scary on many levels.  The left has no fear, thus it doesn’t need to operate in the dark, because it knows those who are not with them do not have the same focus.  The Left knows that negative impacts and even shock at their blatancy is diluted for those rubes on the other side who are more focused with living their lives, caring for their families, and keeping their heads above water.  Those others don’t have time to spend their lives plotting and scheming and obsessing over how to undermine and overthrow those who do not agree with them politically.  That stuff takes time.  Thus negative impacts are quickly diminished by personal responsibility; there’s just no time for reverse-activism.  The Left is very much aware that limited outcries and aversion to retaliation will amount to zero consequences. 

The Left is neither shy nor inhibited nor possessed of a conscience.   Knowing down deep inside that getting Trump on collusion was not quite a sure bet, the Left’s storm troopers figured that if the charge was levied continually, the misinformed would at least hop on the bandwagon and at worst vote against any and all Republicans.  At first glance, a line from Phil Ochs’ “Crucifixion” comes to mind: “Truth becomes a tragedy limping from the light.”  But that’s not accurate here; today it’s scarier:  In present-day America, truth is mortally wounded in full light by the Left’s quest for power, while blatant lies contemptuously take the stage, infect, and mislead (via the media) a huge number of the citizenry.  The result is damage to the country on many fronts apart from just the political.

Owing to the short memories of those not on the Left, a highlight reel:

  • Go back to Michael Brown travesty:  “Hands up – don’t shoot.”  An obvious lie perpetuated by the left-wing media resulting in horrible looting and riots, property destruction and injured police.  No apologies, no consequences.
  • Has there ever been an election where Republicans claim there were uncounted or misplaced votes that favor their candidates, as seems to happen with almost laughable regularity on the other side whenever they lose?
  • Hillary Clinton sold 20% of our uranium to Russia.  Hello…?
  • We had the caravan of illegals attempting to storm our borders, but the Left said it wasn’t so and sang their usual ‘the border is fine’ song.
  • Brett Kavanaugh was crucified at his hearing because of the accusations of a dippy, so-called “professor” who repeatedly tripped over her own statements but was ardently declared credible by the Left.
  • Conservatives on college campuses must hide their opinions rather than face consequences in the form of hateful backlash, social exile, academic penalty, or even violence.
  • At random events across the country, or on a regular basis in Portland, masked Antifa is permitted to harass and attack any and all whom they consider enemies, damage buildings, and burn cars, while the police are told to stand down.
  • A group of Catholic high school students were branded racists basically for not being intimidated by and running away from a wacko fringe group who was cursing and taunting them. 
  • Michael Savage has been pretty much, if not entirely ejected from his very popular podium as a radio talk show host because the powers on the Left couldn’t bear his no-holds-barred, unfiltered questioning and revelations of their anti-American endeavors.
  • Janine Pirro was suspended from her popular Saturday night show for pointing out that an obviously sharia-compliant congresswoman is sharia compliant.  
  • The governor of Virginia, a doctor himself, is actually okay with killing babies once they are born if that’s what the mother wants to do.  But humanist that he is, he does want the babies to be made comfortable before they are killed.
  • Sanctuary cities routinely release brutal criminals into the public, and while the dire statistics are irrefutable, nothing is acknowledged and nothing is done to alter the present pattern.
  • And then we come to the Smollet case.  The grand jury indicted him on 16 counts after the police spent thousands of hours proving that his claim was an idiotic hoax.  Result:  all charges suddenly dropped, record cleared and sealed away, police ordered to not speak of it.  His punishment consisted of filling some envelopes for Jesse Jackson and a small fine.  His other friends?  The Obamas.  Hmmm.

The actions of the Left are reminiscent of the Middle Ages and most dictators:  use the ignorance or lethargy of the masses to keep them inert and diminish any threat they might offer.  Today, the Left uses or manipulates the civility and personal responsibility of those not with them to insure their own invincibility while its own well-armed miscreants blatantly and indomitably strut their stuff in full view,  fully aware that they can pretty much do as they wish.  …and woe to those who warrant their ire or oppose them in any way.