Pete Buttigieg, the Democrats' Latest Lightweight

The latest lightweight to announce for the Democratic nomination for president is Peter Buttigieg (age 37), a two-term mayor of South Bend, IN. The media has gone gaga over Buttigieg, who refers to himself as "Mayor Pete," in the same way it has with Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke. While both men have few accomplishments in life, Mayor Pete is the more genuine of the two.

O'Rourke is trying to assume the personage of a Mexican. This is as shallow as Rachel Dolezal, now named Nkechi Amare Diallo, pretending that she is black or Elizabeth Warren claiming that she is a Cherokee Indian. In all three cases, the intent was personal advancement the NAACP, politics or academia.

Not Buttigieg: he's a genuine homosexual and openly proud about it.... at least he is now. But that fact was kept under covers when Buttigieg first ran for mayor of South Bend in 2011. When he was up for re-election in 2015, only then did Buttigieg announce that he was of that unusual persuasion. Is Mayor Pete's re-election proof that the voters of that small Midwestern city (population 102,000) approve of homosexuality, as Buttigieg and his media cheerleaders are now implying? The answer is 'no.' In his Home Alone: A Neighbor's Thoughts on Pete Buttigieg.

E. Michael Jones notes that:

Homosexuality is still a 'career death sentence' in Indiana. That's why Pete is running for the president of the United States. He couldn't get elected as dog catcher in Kokomo. He could not have gotten elected as mayor of South Bend in 2011 if the electorate had known he was a homosexual. Pete would go on to claim that he was re-elected in 2015 with '80 percent of the vote,’ failing to tell us that his 'mandate' consisted of 80 percent of the 11 percent of the eligible voters who showed up at the polls, which translates to 9 percent of the electorate. 

As Jones also points out, South Bend is a solidly Democratic. To win the primary there is to win the general election. In 2015, Buttigieg had no primary opponent. It was the Democratic machine that carried him back into the mayor's office. And it is upon this slim reed that Mayor Pete aspires to gain the White House.

Buttigieg has no chance to win the Democratic primary let alone the presidency. In fact, he couldn't even win a statewide office in Indiana. He's being pumped up by the liberal media for basically two reasons. First, as Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse has often said, candidates like Mayor Pete and Beto are not intended as serious contenders for the nomination. Rather, their purpose is to generate a database of supporters that the Democrat National Committee (DNC) can milk for donations and votes down the road. 

Second, the progressive establishment is using Buttigieg's time in the spotlight to further their unceasing efforts to further normalize homosexuality in America. This strategy is already yielding some unfortunate results. For example. Buttigieg was 'married' to the effeminate Chasten Glezman at South Bend's Episcopal Cathedral of St. James in 2018. At that time, Buttigieg referred to Glezman, a junior high school teacher, as his 'husband.' In other postings, Glezman refers to Buttigieg as his 'husband.' To further complicate the picture, Chasten now goes by the name Chasten Buttigieg. How weird is all that? Only in a diabolical mind geared to deconstruction as is the thinking on the Left can such an absurdity be voiced. It is no wonder the Catholic Catechism teaches that homosexuality is 'objectively' and' intrinsically' disordered.  

The point is that since this 'wedding,' Chasten Buttigieg become somewhat of a celebrity in the social media and on YouTube where he touts Buttigieg's campaign and their wonderful life together. It's all sunshine and lollipops. This has gone so far that the Guardian has labeled Glezman as the 'breakout star of Pete Bulligieg's 2020 campaign.' 

It is frightening to think how many weak minds are influenced by this. The affect becomes even more powerful when it is augmented by the propaganda taught in the schools and uncritically supported by the mainstream media. 

As to governance, according to Home Alone, the greatest resistance Buttigieg has faced in South Bend has come from black religious leaders who take exception to his sodomite lifestyle. They also find Buttigieg's attempt to link the homosexual agenda with the civil rights movement morally repugnant. In return, Jones writes what the media won't report. 

The Democrats like to portray themselves as friends of the black man. But after the mayor got elected under false pretenses, the Buttigieg administration engaged in the deliberate marginalization of the black community in favor of other groups [homosexuals] whose existence we did not know until the mayor made his announcement. 

The black community is still frozen out of government contracts. Are those contracts, as I asked then [at a city council meeting], now being handed out to homosexuals?

Buttigieg will fade from the political scene soon enough. However, the damage that his 2020 campaign will have done will be long lasting. Merely by being accepted as a legitimate presidential contender in the Democrat mosh pit, Buttigieg and his significant other will have planted the homosexual banner in new territory, thus making it even harder for critics to speak out against it in the future. The God-fearing America of the past grows smaller by the day, squeezed as it is by the aggressive secularists who are intent on making the country as God free as possible. 

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