Impeaching Trump

The Democrats control the House, and while those in the party’s “old guard” like Pelosi and Schumer counsel caution, the new leadership (Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, and Tlaib, et al.) are avid proponents of impeaching “the motherf*@ker.”  The media will love it, and so will the base.  Frankly, it’s difficult to envision another move by the Democrats that would be more popular with the media, academia, celebrities, and the rabid Democrat base.

Besides, for years Democrats have lived and breathed, “Trump colluded with the Russians and stole the 2016 Presidential Election from the sainted Hillary Clinton.”  It’s no stretch to go from there to “Trump obstructed.”  They shouldn’t just let something like that go.  They must impeach him, if only for the children…

Most people don’t understand impeachment.  Were you to ask 100 random people what a president had to do to be impeached and probably better than 90% would say, “Break the law.”  You see, most people are fair; they think you actually need to do something wrong to be punished.  To be fair, the Constitution does say “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  But impeachment is political, not criminal, and a majority in the House gets to decide the definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Clearly, Mueller knew long ago he had no case for collusion, probably before the election.  He certainly would have noticed the “farce” the first time he took the time to peruse the Steele Dossier, which reads like a bad treatment for a screenplay written by a high school sophomore who spent half his time agitating for the legalization of marijuana… dude.

Yet still, he took the job as special counsel.  Of course, one can’t discount the power of anger in his decision.  After all, just before accepting the position, he interviewed and didn’t get the job as director of the FBI.  Apparently, President Trump saw something in the man he didn’t like.  Trump, a visceral man, has lived and died on gut feelings and is a good judge of character (at least he was in this instance). 

Mueller, ever the savvy institutionalist, realized that he would never be a member of any Trump administration and decided to deracinate the man and his machine instead.  Hence, Mueller gifted America a 22-month investigation, ostensibly in search of a crime, but in reality, an exercise in building a case for impeachment.

Mueller is a man who has built his career on destroying the careers, families, and lives of people with little regard for guilt or innocence -- or the law and the truth for that matter.  He was a perfect choice to tee up the ball for the Democrats in the House.

Mueller, recognizing there was no crime early on and knowing that without a crime Obstruction of Justice charges wouldn’t fly, knew his investigation had to be about impeachment.  Therefore, he hired the most politically biased team of prosecutors ever assembled to run the show.  Even though it was never about prosecution, he had to keep the “threat” of prosecution alive and popular through the midterms because it would help the Democrats to retake the House, a necessary step for impeachment to be possible.

To make it all work, he needed a series of indictments for something.  He had to stay in the news and. “keep hope alive.”  Entrapment and process crimes served that purpose and when that got a little thin, he threw in some Russians who would never see the inside of an American courtroom – had he wanted a real shot at that he would have sealed the indictments and waited around until the 2020 election when they came back to America to try again. 

For good measure he threw in some Russian organizations (nothing is scarier than companies run by Boris and Natasha), one of which didn’t even exist during the time period covered by the indictment and whose lawyer took the opportunity to point out his client’s resemblance to the proverbial “ham sandwich” and the “pettifoggery” of the work output of Mueller’s crack team of prosecutors.

The unctuously written report was the centerpiece of the plan.  Mueller used his non-decision on obstruction in Volume II as a handoff to Democrats in the House.  He made a political case for obstruction to give the Democrats the framework they needed for impeachment, which will surely pass the House but fail in the Republican-controlled Senate.  Conviction shouldn’t matter to the Democrats, however.  They’ve been fully invested in this plan since Hillary and supporters wept on election night in 2016.

This is their time.  This was their plan.  They can’t quit now.  They’re almost there.

It’s not as if Americans are going to see it as unfair persecution of a man who did nothing wrong, much like themselves.  And maybe it will take voter’s minds off Democrat plans to seize their guns, cars, free speech rights, most of their money, and every other little thing the Democrats want to do to destroy the people in order to save the nation.