How 'Evolutionary Socialism' Saved Marx's Failing Theory

This article concerns a particular flavor of socialism that is the most relevant to our time.  Especially intriguing, this revision of Marxism was undertaken by a direct disciple of the founders of Marxism: Engels's personal friend and a prominent theoretician of German social democracy, Edward Bernstein.  He originated the current of socialism called Evolutionary Socialism. Several important points must first be made.  When scientists present their completed theory for the judgment of peers and the broader scientific community, this theory begins to live its own life, separate from the author.  Colleagues analyze the doctrine at face value, regardless of subjective opinions and author intent.  Sometimes, the theory leads to results utterly overlooked and unexpected by the author himself.  Take, for example, the concept of general relativity by Albert Einstein.  Some solutions from Einstein's equations...(Read Full Article)