How Chicago Democrats Created Trump's Border Wall Problem

President Trump's initiative to build a border wall on the southern border of the U.S. is meeting with an extraordinary amount of resistance from the Democratic Party.   The Democrats have gathered their forces and are exerting an unprecedented resistance to Pres. Trump's efforts to control illegal immigration, when only a few years ago they voted for a border wall.

In order to understand the anti-wall effort, it's necessary to briefly review the history of the Democratic Party's immigration model of politics.  Only an historical perspective can provide the necessary background essential to comprehending the hysterical nature of the DNC's resistance to President Trump's border wall project.

The Democrats have a long history of endeavoring to manipulate political power.  Since the governmental leaders of the U.S. are elected, and each person has an equal vote in local, state, and national elections, the Democrats have always attempted to manipulate the numbers of Democrat voters. 

There are two basic facets to the political power game in the U.S.  The first is that all elections take place within geographical boundaries.  This may seem so obvious it is not worth discussing, but a brief review of the Democrat attempt to secure political power will reveal how important geographical boundaries are.

Political power in the U.S. is not inherited, it is based on majority elections within states.  This means that whoever successfully influences voters in a geographical area will win the elections. The earliest blatant attempt at such control was developed and perpetrated by Elbridge Gerry, the governor of Massachusetts in the early 1800s.  His scheme of voter manipulation was to map out the location of known voters by their past political preferences.  He ended up ultimately redrawing districts to capture the largest number of known voters who supported his party.  This method is now widely known as gerrymandering and the most outrageously blatant gerrymandered congressional district is Congressional District 4 in IL. This is the district that recently ousted Luis Gutierrez and replaced him with Jesus Garcia in Chicago. 

The Oxford English Dictionary discusses how the term gerrymander was invented in 1812, when a newspaper editor and writer were discussing Governor Gerry's district.  The district was laid out in a shape that roughly corresponded to the shape of a salamander.  Upon hearing this term, an artist who contributed to newspapers combined Gerry's name with "salamander" and came up with "gerrymander."

That the most blatantly gerrymandered congressional district in the entire U.S. is located in Chicago is no coincidence.  Chicago Democrats have long practiced manipulating voters by any means possible. 

The next important date in Chicago's link to illegal immigration occurred in 1933 when Edward Joseph Kelly was elected Chicago's mayor. This is important because it started the long line of Chicago's Democratic mayors which has continued to this day.

This was followed by another landmark date in Chicago's history of voter manipulation, which occurred in 1984, when Mayor Harold Washington issued Executive Order 85-1, proclaiming that immigration status shall no longer be a factor in the distribution of Chicago benefits.  Chicago was the first big American city to declare itself, through this statement, a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. 

Mayor Washington declared that immigration status would not be a factor for Chicago residents.  This is critically important because it provided an historical precedent encouraging northward immigration over the southern border and established the Democratic Party's encouragement of illegal immigration.

After World War II outmigration became a concern for all big northern Democrat-controlled cities since the growth of suburbs and the baby boom prompted young couples to leave big cities and seek more space for their families.  But this outmigration created a huge problem for the big Democratic cities from Boston to Los Angeles: how to restore and stabilize their city's population and keep control of Congress.  The solution was to allow illegal immigration and support them with benefits. 

Providing illegal immigrants with benefits such as food stamps and housing were crucial, since illegal immigrants were not well educated and did not earn enough income to be self-sufficient.  This concern prompted President Lyndon Baines Johnson to establish the Great Society welfare programs, and he himself admitted the programs were intended to strengthen America's big cities.  LBJ stopped the agricultural guest worker program, called the Bracero program, just at the time he started the Great Society. This allowed illegal immigrants to come to Chicago and not worry about being educated well enough to support themselves.  The lack of income was made up through free benefits. 

The Center for Immigration Studies found that by 2005 the average illegal immigrant family in Chicago obtained tens pf thousands of dollars worth of benefits per year, mostly in the value of public education.

The link between education and immigration cannot be underestimated.  In Illinois and other states some of the biggest campaign contributors are teacher unions, and as residents left the big cities the unions needed to keep their jobs and pensions.  Today Chicago is 47% Hispanic, whereas in 1970 it was only 2%.  The need for city residents compelled Democrats to change/ignore all the immigration laws and work to repopulate northern cities.  Not all cities encouraged illegal immigration. Chicago was the first but New York's mayor Ed Koch made a sanctuary proclamation a few months later.

The die had been cast.  Big northern cities became obsessed with promoting illegal immigration to keep up their populations.  The number of congressional members is totally dependent upon population. But Chicago also turned illegal immigrants into voters. In 1982 the FBI found that 100,000 voters were illegal in that year's election.  Other cities picked up the practice, but Chicago was the first to have its mayor declare itself a sanctuary for illegal immigration through Mayor Washington's Executive Order 85-1.

Today Chicago needs federal benefit dollars and deficit spending to finance not only the immigrants but the pensions of its union members.  In Chicago all the high property taxes paid by residents goes only to public-sector pensions.  Illinois has a total of ten cities where all the property taxes go to pensions.  This is putting enormous financial stress on residents, so as a result Chicago and Pelosi are now more motivated than ever to eliminate immigration quotas, keep the southern border open and restore the populations of the traditional Democrat-run big cities.

Only when one fully understands the public sector union demands for money and need to restore big city populations can the battle between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi be fully understood. Pelosi is convinced that if the Democratic big cities give up illegal immigration the Democratic Party is finished.

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