Hands Up, Don’t Collude

If there had been any question as to the corruption of the mainstream media, their response in the aftermath of the Mueller report release should dispel any remaining doubt. After endlessly pushing the narrative that President Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to fraudulently win the 2016 presidential election, then obstructed justice in a grand conspiracy to cover it all up, they are left with nothing.

Anyone with a healthy sense of shame would acknowledge at the least that they were wrong, and at best that they participated in a hyper-partisan effort to overturn the results of an election where they did not get the result they wanted. And apologize, humbly, in order to salvage their marginal reputations. They are doing anything but.

The media’s addiction to the collusion hoax can only be remedied through a 12-step addiction program, with the first step being an acknowledgement that they are powerless over their Trump hatred and their lives, and their attempts at journalism are unmanageable. The media, Democrats, and NeverTrump Republicans are stuck on step one. Belief in a higher power, a moral inventory, acknowledgement of past wrongs, and making amends are well beyond their current capabilities or desires.

Instead they are critical of Mr. Integrity, the Boy Scout Robert Mueller. Or “hand-picked” AG William Barr, as if any president’s cabinet officials are not hand-picked. Who do they think should pick Trump’s Attorney General – Brian Stelter and Jim Acosta?

The media remain in total denial that their daily narrative for the past 2 years was blatantly wrong. Even John Brennan, former head of the most powerful intelligence agency in the world, admitted that he may have had “bad information” regarding Trump and Russia.

Bad information? Really? Good information is the CIA’s business and he sat atop that organization during the time this entire hoax was formulated and hatched. How can a bunch of curious bloggers have better information than the CIA, calling out this nonsensical investigation from the time of its inception? If this is the best the CIA can do, especially after their “bad information” on Saddam’s WMDs, then they should shut their doors and convert their facility into a clown-themed amusement park.

The media’s role in the collusion hoax is similar to a famous past bogus story, “hands up, don’t shoot”. Now almost five years ago, the “gentle giant” Michael Brown was walking down the street, minding his own business, thinking about his freshman year in college, when a white, privileged, racist cop shot him down in cold blood while the gentle giant has his hands up begging not to be shot.

It turns out the story was a bit different, that the gentle giant actually attacked the police officer, trying to take his gun, then after running away, turning around charging the police officer, who fearing for his life, shot Brown. A subsequent investigation by Obama’s DOJ, after the media pushed the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative for months, was like the Mueller report. It found that, “(Officer) Wilson acted out of self-defense, and was justified in killing Brown.”

Yet the damage was done. The media pushed the false story, choosing to parrot each other, with no investigation or thoughtful analysis, announcing its verdict before a trial. Look at the fallout. Violent protests in Ferguson and elsewhere. Members of Congress doing the hands up gesture on the House floor. NFL protests and kneeling which drove away fans of the football league.

All of this serving to exacerbate racial tensions in America, during the tenure of the first black president who was supposed to bring racial reconciliation to the country, either before or after he lowered rising sea levels. The media dutifully played along, just as they continue to do with the Russian collusion hoax. Here are four CNN hosts demonstrating objective journalism by not rushing to judgement on “hands up, don’t shoot”.

YouTube screen grab

Were there any mea culpas from CNN or other media after getting the Ferguson story so wrong? Nah. They played the same game with Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, and Trayvon Martin, fanning the flames of racism for ratings, clicks, or their agenda. They did the same thing after the Covington student standoff and CNN is now facing a $275 million lawsuit over their sloppy and libelous reporting.

Once the story blows up, the media “drives by,” heading to the next outrage, without any apology or introspection as to how they got it so wrong. This is exactly why Rush Limbaugh calls them the “drive by media”.

So far, they are not driving by the Trump-Russia story; instead, most are doubling down despite Mueller’s report blowing up their entire two-year narrative. They give air time to jokesters such as Congressmen Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff, who have no interest in the truth, and beclown themselves as collusion clingers, calling the President a Russian agent based only on their wishful thinking.

Aside from race and Trump, there are other issues which the media won’t let go of. Global warming, now climate change, is another such issue. MSNBC gave Democrat darling Alexandria Occasional-Cortex an hour of free airtime, what some might call a campaign contribution, to promote her Green New Deal. This occurred at the same time as we learned that the ice on a Greenland glacier that is growing, despite AOC’s warning that the planet only has 12 years before it explodes or drifts aimlessly out into space, or whatever.

Advance the narrative, despite any and all contrary evidence, keep pushing, or else move on like it never happened. It seems that NeverTrumpers, like Karl Rove, are also happy to move on. It’s not about trying to win swing voters, as Rove claims, but exposing and punishing treasonous behavior so that no one dares try this again, as the next Democrat president surely will if this fiasco goes unpunished.

Another hoax followed by contrived media outrage, leading to more animosity and division within America, with costs or ruined lives for those caught up in the hoax. Time for Schiff, Swalwell, and Pelosi to show up on the House floor wearing Russian Cossack hats chanting “hands up, don’t collude.”

Brian C Joondeph, MD, MPS, a Denver based physician and writer. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedIn and Twitter.

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