Four Reasons Why the Dems Will Lose in 2020

This election cycle seems to have begun earlier than past cycles, perhaps because the Democrats are too anxious to get on with the show. Their eagerness, possibly creating a burn-out factor, could work against them, but there are other issues at play which will prevent them from gaining the White House.

At this stage there are at least four elements to consider:


As ‘The Gambler’ says: “Know when to hold ‘em, Know when to fold ‘em.” For over two years the Democrats were convinced theirs was the winning hand, but their hole card didn’t play out. Instead of admitting defeat, and seeking reconciliation, they are now doubling down with calls for obstruction charges, as well as impeachment hearings. This plays well to the anti-Trumpers and radical left, but will not play to Middle America and the Rust Belt states. Trying to sell obstruction of an investigation into a never-occurring ‘Russian collusion’ simply will not be a winning strategy.

Retribution is rarely a recipe for success.


Encouraged by a takeover of the House, as well as the success of a few extremist members of Congress, the Democrats see the nation trending in this direction. That is a misreading of the people, just as was 2016. The current roster of candidates are touting positions that plays well on the soiled streets of San Francisco,  but do not play well nationally.

Positions currently laid out by the various Presidential candidates include extreme proposals: free college, 16-year-old voting, open borders, the Green New Deal, post-partum ‘abortions’, reparations, increased taxes, ending the Electoral College, and others. Of course, we will have to see how many of these positions actually make it onto the Democrat platform. In the meantime, though, the candidates are staking out positions on these issues which will come back to haunt them in the lead up to the election.

One item missing from all of their platforms: a desire for unity of the nation. Oops.


The leading candidate for the Democrats today is a self-proclaimed socialist, one who has campaigned on anti-American ‘change,’ wealth disparity, and anti-capitalism for over thirty years. He despises that which made America great: capitalism. Such messages play well in limited circles during dire times, but not so much in good times. Make no mistake, other candidates like Warren, Harris, and O’Rourke are right on board with what Bernie is selling, but the nation is not buying it.

The charge of anti-Americanism is best exemplified by the struggle at the border and the resistance to the efforts of ICE to deport illegal aliens. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, we have all heard that too many times. Those immigrants, whom many of us are descended from, stood in line at Ellis or Angel Island, or waited in their home countries until America opened her welcoming arms. They did not drop their children over a fence or pay coyotes to smuggle them in.

Today’s Democrats? They welcome all aliens, legal and illegal, criminal or not. The so-called sanctuary cities and states are acting in ways which they define as being ‘American.’ But that definition differs compared to that of the vast majority. Those most harmed, in addition to the victims of the many crimes committed by illegal aliens, are the immigrants who followed the law. Those immigrants, whose proudest moment. for many, was when they became U.S. citizens, are the ones that Trump admires and the Democrats ignore.

They are ignored to the peril of the Democrats.

Among the leading voices within the Democratic Party are three women, all rookie members of Congress: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. As long as this trio of women continue with the positions they hold and as long as the Democrat Party continues to welcome them, then regaining the White House will be a tough road indeed. No, they are not candidates for the office, but to many they are the face of today’s Democratic Party.

Trump will have a field day as he uses this to his advantage.

As a nation, we can take pride in what we have accomplished, as we have done so much to help the world in so many ways. Americans want to be proud, as well as wanting a leader who reminds us of this. Trump succeeds in doing so.

Democrats? Not so much.

We are not without sin; that is acknowledged. We had President Obama’s apology tour of 2009, today we have Democrats vociferously proclaiming the sins while ignoring the good that is done under the banner of America exceptionalism.


The nation is actually doing quite well under President Trump, although you could never tell if your news comes from MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, collectively the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. Those manufacturing jobs we were told were gone? They are back. That 3% GDP that eluded Trump’s predecessor has returned and been exceeded. Those young black men who could not find work previously? They have found it now. That wealth disparity that Brother Bernie goes on and on about? It has diminished in recent years. Those flat wages? They have increased. Those who gave up looking for jobs? Many have now found the work that eluded them. Such positive news is always downplayed by the media and the Democrats.

The Democrats do best when the nation does poorly.

Remember in ‘92, Bill Clinton said; “It’s the economy, stupid”. When he said that, he did not have the facts regarding the economy on his side, but the message was clear: The economic condition will play a key role in determining the outcome of the election. Today that plays into President Trump’s hands.

Given the above, it is difficult to envision a Democrat coming to the front to overcome these self-induced barriers separating the Democratic Party from so many Americans. These are the Americans that they would need attract to regain the White House, and currently they are offering nothing to gain that middle ground.

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