Behind and beyond the Mueller Investigation

Had Hillary Clinton done what she was supposed to do and won the 2016 presidential election, the American people would never have known about the "dossier," the FISA court, Christopher Steele, or Carter Page. 

Hillary and Hillary alone had to win, but she didn't, and so a true conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected President of The United States commenced.  By deciding to take part in the coup attempt, senior members in the FBI and DoJ risked going to prison for up to 20 years according to 18 U.S. Code § 2385 -- advocating the overthrow of government.  But not even a deep hatred for Trump would have been enough incentive for them to consider such a thing. 

The stakes had to be nosebleed high to present to the FISA court a stack of paper filled with unverified stories and salacious hit pieces that would have eliminated it as serious evidence by any legitimate district attorney.  It was given the exotic name "dossier" but in reality, all it amounted to was 35 pages of obvious fiction accepted by the FISA court not once but four times based on FBI approvals. 

So why was it so imperative that Hillary had to be the next president that the DNC threw fellow Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders under the bus?  That the FBI would admit that she committed several crimes with her private server but chose not to indict her? And that a two-year-long careless investigation hoax and worldwide embarrassment was allowed to happen? 

It wasn't about who Trump was -- it was all about what Trump promised. It was about the survivability of the swamp.  

From the very start, the Obama presidency focused on crushing conservative thought and detaching the country from the Constitution.  Undermining the 2nd Amendment with Fast and Furious, forcing Americans to purchase a product they didn't want with ObamaCare and preventing conservatives from forming support networks by unleashing the power of the IRS against them.  His policies greatly increased the number of Americans on food stamps and doubled the national debt to $20 trillion. And for this, the propaganda media labeled him the greatest president ever because, in their anti-American world, he was. So it was no surprise that Obama sided with America's sworn enemies by brokering the disastrous one-sided Iran Deal and assisting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

The swamp had to make sure the American people never found out about the little and big names behind the hundreds of crimes committed in order to advance Obama's and the media's anti-American agenda.  

And as president, Hillary would do just that. She would make sure the changes made by the Obama administration in dismantling American values would continue, and the illegal tactics used would remain buried.  For this accommodation, Hillary would now be able to accelerate the unabated flow of cash from all corners of the globe into the Clinton Foundation coffers. 

It was a sweet deal, but it all ended the moment when Trump hit 270 electoral votes.  And as we know, Hell froze over, pigs began to fly, and Trump entered the Oval Office, and for the first time in their political careers, Obama, Clinton, and members of the swamp contemplated the real possibility of prosecution. 

And since that reality could never be allowed to happen, it was all hands on deck and the start of the unthinkable -- an actual political coup attempt against the President of The United States that included the most massive hoax investigation ever perpetrated on the American people. 

The fly in the ointment, and the one factor not considered by the swamp intelligentsia, was the makeup of the person of Trump. For one, the conspirators never imagined a person could withstand a two-year barrage of 24/7 fake negative news coverage along with a slew of "America be damned," political obstructions via Congress.  They never figured that a person like Trump existed.  A man with the stamina of someone 40 years younger, who brought to Washington the assets he acquired as a businessman in the rough and tumble city of New York as well as the command of the TV audience he gained by his many years as a television host. 

On March 22, 2019, the bottom fell out of the last vestiges of the coverup as Mueller handed his report absent any proof of Trump/Russian collusion to new Attorney General William Barr.  But only part of the most insidious abuse of power in Americas' history had been dealt with.

History shows us that what goes unpunished becomes emboldened and multiplies. If this country truly wants to recover, to gain some semblance of normalcy and reclaim the rule of law, then it is imperative that all the conspirators involved in this shocking and despicable grab for power must be held accountable.  President Trump stated, "This must never happen to another President." the only way to ensure that hope is to seek prosecution. To punish those involved. 

This time the coup attempt was non-violent -- the next time it might be very different.

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