An 'Ever Better' Ideology? What Is Progressivism?

I attended the University of Rochester for graduate school.  The university's motto is "Meliora: ever better."  Colloquially, "meliora" is used to mean never settle, we can always improve, and strive for more. This translation of "meliora" and Meliorism is only the surface explanation.  Meliorism is the Enlightenment-era name for the ideology of progressivism.1  Meliorism has two main tenets, which are the basis for the modern progressive movement. The first is a belief in the progress of human nature.  We, in the present, are superior to previous ages.  Remnants of the past like traditions, customs, language, laws, and norms, meaning enduring standards, are the dead weight of yesteryear.  We, in the present, must destroy these antiquated norms and create new ones in our image to suit modern man. The second tenet of Meliorism is a belief in the natural goodness of man,...(Read Full Article)
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