America’s Road to Dystopia

Since my return to civilian life from service in Korea during the war over sixty years ago, I have witnessed America shift off its foundation. Then and now are like antipodes between two worlds, one touted “innocent” by post-60s media, yet easily shown to be saner, the other “sophisticated,” yet despite its burgeoning array of advances in science, technology, and industry, conspicuously deranged.

A Democrat running for president in 1952 stated publicly: “I have asked the merciful Father, the Father to us all, to let this cup pass from me. But from such dread responsibility one does not shrink in fear, in self-interest or in false humility.…” The reluctant candidate to the presidency was Adlai Stevenson, (He lost to World War II hero Dwight Eisenhower.) Compare this to the most recent Democrat running for president who proudly declared publicly that she would support a woman’s “right” to kill her own baby.

The shocking contrast between start and finish of this historically minute bit of time highlights a dissection in our country that predates the Civil War. The rift, then and now, stems from the unresolved conflict between those who trust in God, as did the founders of America, and those who trust in man. At the national level, where those in the latter camp are entrenched, leaders with poor peripheral vision regarding human nature – the result of a tragic disconnect with the Creator – steer a blinded and now enfeebled nation. Believing they are “enlightened by reason,” these benighted leaders fail to see that human life is sacred. This inherited blind spot of Enlightenment intellectuals, who lost their souls in their scramble to apply reason to formulas and agendas for a better world, is why we find ourselves on the way to dystopia, the predictable consequence of meddling with the fundamentals of a life that we did not create.

The rift between those who heed and those who scoff at a divine voice in human affairs has generated enough evil to shout with one voice the absurdity and folly of pretending that we can be our own god in any major pursuit of justice and wellbeing. 

The governance of a people is difficult enough without reshuffling time-neutral principles to accommodate what suits the desires of men and women in any given moment, the aggressive among whom take charge and lord over others. For good reason America’s founders settled upon a system of government predicated on the rule of law that respected the intelligence of the One who created them and us – law that trusts God, not erring humans. The ongoing absurdity and folly of acting like God – as do the architects of a dystopian “new world order” – cannot be missed by anyone with eyes to see, ears to hear, and a mind connected to the heart.

My brother, a World War II veteran who (like all veterans) took an oath before God to defend his country, a nation founded on immutable principles of life and liberty, dedicating all (including his life) to that cause, is justly bitter over the fact that millions of fellow warriors sacrificed and died fighting for . . . what? . . . today's mindless, reckless, vile and cruel culture? Did he (we) fight for the disregard of principles that override every generation's personal spin on liberty and justice?

Have today’s young Americans fallen for the myth that there is no right and no wrong and they are judge and jury over everything that crosses their path? Does freedom include the right to do anything one pleases, riding a wave of vanishing restrictions against all rules of law, at the hands of a government that has forgotten the meaning of law, including its relevance to the sacredness of life?  Is justice really what nine people in robes decide it is at any given moment?

Let no one be deluded that today’s rulers are going to accomplish what countless rulers of the past tried to accomplish by relying on the power of “reason” – lasting peace with justice – without divine guidance. And let no one get starry-eyed over the possibilities of the Internet, a tool for good and evil, keeping in mind that malicious intent can turn the Worldwide Web into worldwide mind manipulation and control. The growing ownership and misappropriation of data by global-oriented tech giants waves a blinding red flag. (The possibilities of cyber mind control dwarf the sci-fi scenarios of past generations.)

Let no one be fooled into believing that the wisdom and restraint required to maintain peace and justice in an inherently dangerous and uncertain world resides in the U.N., the E.U., or any of the globalist cabals claiming to “make the world better” – an idea as phony as they come, embraced even by religious leaders, including the Pope. The plain and ugly truth is that leaders and followers of the “left,” the “right,” and the “muddle” [pun intended] don’t care who gets trampled and crushed on their way to a future not fit for humans.

Photo credit: Kevin Dooley

Anthony J. DeBlasi is a war veteran and lifelong defender of Western culture.

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