Who Is Paying for Sandy O?

So, a new star is born!

Not just a pop star, but a D.C.  power pop star.


But if we have any political brains, we know perfectly well that miraculous new stars coming out of bartending in the Bronx represent Big Money somewhere.  You don't buy a hot new barrista from the Bronx without a lot of careful  stage management, big investments, and payoffs to Nancy Pelosi to back off and let this freshling rise far beyond her actual achievements — and the media, let's face it, are anti-American.

So we have to ask our own questions and guess at some reasonable answers.

In Hollywood, stars are launched, not "discovered" by magic.  They represent huge studio investments.  Launch the wrong star, and somebody loses a ton of money.  Hollywood is not in biz to lose money.

So here is the puzzle.

Alexandria O-C, AKA Sandy O, is suddenly rising to high headline status, followed by a gazillion Twitter-heads, including some actual human beings, perhaps, and it all happened with amazing speed.

Just as the Dem field for 2020 is forming.  What a coincidence.

It's just like the miraculous rise of that other Big Star in Demo politics, one Barack Hussein Obama.

(Have we seen this stunt before?  Yes.)

In Barack's case, we know a little bit about his launch money, including Bill Ayers and the Pritzker fortune.  But it is also alleged that the Muslim Brotherhood (the Nazi-era jihadist organization) put tons of money into Democratic politics, including, at a reasonable guess, by way of Huma Abedin, Hillary's intimate friend, whose family are all M.B. bigs.

Now, it is legal for Muslims in America to send dollars to Democrats if they are U.S. citizens, and if they're not, they can always contribute to some bundler, who might be their local imam or mullah.  Same thing for Iranians; same thing for Somalis and all the rest.  It's legal money, more or less, and that is one reasonable guess for Hillary's special Gmail account and that server in the closet.

We have no idea if those Gmails were echoed to a secure server that turned them into encrypted messages going to friends abroad, who in turn contributed to the Clinton Foundation and to many, many other Democrats — maybe a few Republicans, too.

We simply do not know.

But we're not stupid.

So yes, a star is born, and she looks like a younger Obama in a little black dress.

Pure coincidence, of course, and just in time, when La Raza del Norte wants to find a messianic figure whom millions of useful idiots are yearning for.

All that publicity doesn't come cheap — not in that world.

This may look like a spontaneous rise of a miraculous savior, who appeals to people who think with bodily organs other than their brains.  As for the upper levels of The Party (not really "the Democratic Party" anymore), those upper political egos are conspicuously silent, to make room for La Pasionaria or Evita — take your pick.

In Juan Perón's Argentina, Evita was supposedly the star who felt sorry for the poor, while Juan, in his macho uniform, did what had to be done.  To make it even better, Alexandria is rising in the P.R.-hungry political world just at the time when a little female machisma is getting popular on campus.

I saw Sandy's lookalikes appear in the medical world, when Obama-"care" was still on track.  They looked like Commissars, with a capital C.  And they were sort of bi-looking athletic types, like Sandy O.  A lot of bronze faces.

Waddayaknow — just when the useful idiots and their Pied Pipers are ready, here comes the chiquita for our times!

And all those hungry egos on the left are getting out of her way.

So who might be paying for all that?  Who is soothing the tender egos of Hillary and the rest, who are also hungering for the spotlight?

It looks like a lot of money, and a lot of political planning, a lot of Machiavellian plotting, a lot of back-scratching behind the scenes, all that.

Is the timely rise of Ocasio-Cortez just before the 2020 presidential campaigns a pure spontaneous piece of luck for the deeply depressed Dems?

Fat chance.

So: money and power.

Where can the crazy-radical left in the world find whole new supplies of gold to donate to the string-pullers for AOC?

Here are some guesses.  Don't believe the guesses — just watch what the anti-American Democrats do.

1. La Raza del Norte, which is openly supporting Ocasio-Cortez.  Plus Carlos Slim, the richest billionaire in Mexico, who probably has ties to the cartels because even honest people can't survive south of the border without making deals with gangsters.

Remember how Obama and Holder smuggled long guns to the border cartels, helping to stoke a war that kills 30,000 Mexicans each year?

2. Anybody who hates Trump might want to add to the Ocasio-Cortez charitable fund.  That means a lot of big powers on the left, including Obama-backers looking for a new brown person to fall in love with.

3. Our sworn enemies, including the Iranians, the jihadist Gulf States, and any number of Muslim billionaires who want to have Palestinian children become their favorite martyrs.  The Trump administration leaked info about a meeting between  Louis Farrakhan and Iran's Ayatollah Rouhani during the O administration, which included Keith Ellison, who almost became head of the DNC and is probably running the joint anyway.

My private bet is that some of that 180 billion dollars Obama and Valerie sent to the mullahs ended up in Chicago Democrat pockets.  Just a little wheelin' and dealin': the U.S. taxpayer sends 180 billion dollars on big airplane buckets to the mullahs, and they pay off the Democrats, including Obama, Valerie, Hillary, and John Kerry, but especially the newest version of Barack Hussein Obama to appeal to the idiot vote.

But I can't prove it.

4. Vladimir Putin, who is constantly helped by the Democrats when they undermine this country, which is what Putin really wants.

Putin is an old KGB Rezident who loves to play double and triple games.  He doesn't care if the leftomedia scapegoat him.  He likes it.  It's classic KGB dezinformatziya.

5. The ongoing Obama Machine, because Obama's personality can't allow him to play second fiddle to anybody for very long, which means that his media silence is the dog that didn't bark in the night.  Meanwhile, they're checking out Michelle's numbers.

6. George Soros, and the 18 billion dollars he just contributed as "a gift to charity" to his son's Open Society leftist front group.

Let's pretend each of those six money sources adds a billion bucks to the New Star is Born campaign.  We know that the money is there, just sloshing around in enraged neo-Marxist and jihadist brains around the world.  That money is aching to be spent on a get-Trump campaign.  Sandy O hates Donald Trump, which is good enough for them.

That's a working guess in a world of lies.  The question is whether Ocasio-Cortez's miraculous career will keep rising, while Hillary suddenly announces she is not running, after all, maybe.  If Ocasio-Cortez continues her miraculous rise, and if you don't believe in false prophets, well, here is another way to think.

Image from Global News via YouTube.

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