The Plague of the Good Little Girls in Congress

There seems to be an emerging conventional wisdom that the freshmen Democratic women in Congress really don’t know what they are saying, poor little things, so we shouldn’t really take their anti-Semitic statements seriously.

Note to all non-Democratic men and women: Do not try this at home!

But I do not think that we are giving congresswomen like Sandy O, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib enough credit. To me they are perfect products of our lefty educational system. Ask yourself: If you went to school and college in the United States today and believed everything your teachers taught you, how would your worldview be different from Sandy O, Omar, and Tlaib?

They are, indeed, Good Little Girls, about whom I like to think the lyricist of South Pacific was writing when he wrote:

You've got to be taught to hate and fear
You've got to be taught from year to year
It's got to be drummed in your dear little ear
You've got to be carefully taught

Of course, back in the day Richard Rodgers and all good thinkers knew that the problem was whites at WASP-only country clubs in the Deep South. No doubt. Only, you don’t have to teach people to hate and to fear. Hate and fear are instincts, buried somewhere between the DNA and the unconscious, according to settled science. You have to be carefully taught not to hate and to fear.

Okay, let’s get into Nietzsche mode, and say something You Are Not Allowed To Say.

The problem with nearly all women, including women who all dress up in white for the State of the Union speech, is that they believe what they are carefully taught. But a lot of men know that everything they are taught is bullsh*t. Nothing personal; it’s just that women are much more social and sensitive to what other people say, and men are expendable so they don’t care, not as much.

Okay, #NotAllWomen. Some of them are like Becky Sharp of Vanity Fair, and had to grow up fast. And then there are the Michelle Malkins and the Camille Paglias of the world. Thank God for them.

The problem that Our Nance is having right now is that it is one thing to teach a whole generation of Good Little Girls to hate and to fear, but it is another thing to promote them to be headline politicians in her House of Representatives. Headline politicians need to know that the stuff they were carefully caught and the stuff they dish out to the rubes is all lies, including “and” and “the.” They need to learn how to play cat and mouse with the media and the voters, and realize that straight anti-Semitic hate is junior-league.

Now, my theory of education is that the reason that we did not send girls to school back in the day was not because the patriarchy wanted to keep them barefoot and pregnant, but because girls will learn everything needful without being told; they are good little girls, after all.  Boys, on the other hand, because of their bullsh*t detectors, must be sent “unwillingly to school” and forced to learn stuff whether they want to or not.

Back in the day, of course, boys were sent at a tender age not just to school but into educational basic training, with educational drill instructors like Mr. Creakle and Wackford Squeers. All agree that this was a Very Bad Thing, but I wonder if it was worse than sending boys to classes taught by women that prefer to drug them rather than discipline them.

Now, one of the triumphs of the modern era is the replacement of revenge-killing by the law. In other words, men have been civilized and sent to school and carefully taught not to settle their differences by violence but instead to submit to the gentle arts of judges and hangmen.

But what about women? Is not the struggle session and the witch hunt characteristic of women in primitive society? And isn’t it about time they were carefully taught not to teach each other lessons by naming and shaming, and stop their back-biting?

I come back again and again to Georg Simmel, who prophesied that women would adapt the public square to a more “feminine sensibility.”

But suppose that, particularly under the influence of lefty ideology, that feminine sensibility turns the public square into a garden of spite?

And suppose, just as men had to curb their pre-modern appetite for killing and gangs in order to thrive in the public square of the city, now women need to curb their appetite for vicious back-biting gossip and get civilized too?

How hard could it be? Your average Good Little Girl has always believed exactly what she has been carefully taught, and probably always will.

Over to you, Madam Speaker.

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