The Left's Hate-Crime Hoax Machine

Hoax hate crimes belong to a larger category of ideologically motivated hoaxes, meant to sway public opinion and impact policy and legislation.  There are broadly three types of ideological hoaxes. First, one finds journalistic hoaxes.  Among these are the hoax of the Duke lacrosse-players and the UVA rape case.  Such cases are fabricated and sensationalized in order to support the ideological claim of "rape culture on campuses." Second, there are academic hoaxes, which are "studies" based on fabricated data and cherry-picked samples designed to provide an ideological outcome.  For example, there was a study that showed that gays die much earlier because people do not support calling two men in a romantic relationship a marriage. The third type is the fake hate crime.  They are meant to prove the existence of violent bigots who attack the heroic victims, such as Jussie Smollett, Mathew...(Read Full Article)
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