Socialists Don't Really Believe in Socialism

Can we dispel, once and for all, the notion that "socialists," "democratic" or otherwise, actually believe in the socialism they peddle? "Socialists" love money, guns, walls, fossil fuels, Amazon, meat, private jets and cars, luxury apartments, mansions, and low taxes as much as anyone else. "Socialists" just want everyone else controlled under their rule of tyranny. Do you really think multi-house-owning, seven-figure-net-worth, $14,500-a-month-salary "democratic socialist" Vermont senator Bernard Sanders truly believes the "free stuff" balderdash he's regurgitated for decades?  He admires Fidel Castro because he wants to be just like him, and he's enamored of bread lines because, like a good "socialist," he knows that the most addictive drug is government dependency. I'm reminded of this every day, when I look at the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics rationing ticket from my...(Read Full Article)
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