Socialism and Marx's Theory of Societal Evolution

At the Conservative Political Action Conference last month, U.S. National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow called on Americans to "put socialism on trial and convict it."  In order to successfully prosecute the defendant, Americans simply need to know the facts, and socialism will incriminate itself. The facts are that socialism is just one step in a societal "theory of evolution" invented by Karl Marx that allegedly explains how human society develops over time.  According to Marx's theory, called "historical materialism," the purpose of socialism is to destroy capitalism, so that society can "progress" to its next evolutionary stage: communism. In recent years, the word "change" has become synonymous with the Left.  Most famously, former president Barack Obama used it as the slogan for his 2008 presidential campaign.  Other leftists, such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and...(Read Full Article)
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