Legalizing Marijuana: A Heaping Pot of Hypocrisy

The push from liberals to legalize recreational marijuana is a smashing success.  Full steam ahead, carefree and without looking back, states and cities controlled by Democrats are on a high, stoned with excitement as they celebrate the legalization of recreational pot in their jurisdictions.  From Washington to Vermont, California to Maine, Nevada to Michigan, Oregon to Massachusetts, Hawaii to Alaska and Colorado, and soon New Jersey and many other states and cities, progressives are gloating about their accomplishment.  Let's take a closer look as liberals blindly jump aboard the marijuana bandwagon and not a word of concern is to be heard.  Many of those who have lobbied for the legalization of marijuana have employed a racial argument, claiming that too many minorities are incarcerated for illegal marijuana possession and use.  My response is, so what?  Since when...(Read Full Article)
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