Is America Defiled?

On a busy street corner in my home town stood a Planned Parenthood clinic, a two-story building where babies lost their lives to family planning. Next door still stands a moving truck rental company. Across the street is an Asian grocery. A few blocks away is a huge public housing complex, and near that a large government subsidized apartment community, inhabited mostly by African Americans. This is an older part of town with the usual urban crime, a place parents warn their children to stay inside after dark. But business was good for Planned Parenthood, and they eventually moved out of the neighborhood to a larger building on the other side of the poor part of the city.

Their old clinic sat empty with thousands of cars per day streaming by, on a strip with hundreds of storefront businesses. This valuable real estate went up for sale and stayed on the market for some years, as I remember, with no buyer.

You can imagine the ads in real estate magazines. “Functional two-story office building in the heart of town. Lots of traffic, off-street parking. Great for insurance or other business offices. Call today!”

Sounds great, but it’s missing one critical fact: “Hundreds of babies killed on site by previous occupant. Silent screams and scent of blood included at no additional charge!”

I have no way of knowing, but I expect they received very few offers to buy that building. It was demolished in 2011, and another building put up, not in the same spot, but on the other side of the lot. The former Planned Parenthood office space is now only used for parking. There is a small unpaved area covered with wire grass.

Being a student of the Bible, I’m familiar with the word defiled. The word usually refers to land that has been polluted by its inhabitants. A modern example is Love Canal, a toxic waste dump in New York state that sickened many local residents, some with leukemia. I remember seeing a report on Love Canal way back in the 1970’s, and how the soil was poisoned with chemical waste. Supposedly, this mess has been cleaned up, but would you want to live in Love Canal, 2019?

Defilement is not only of a physical nature, but spiritual, as shown by the Planned Parenthood example in my home town. Certainly no one wants to drink polluted water from the tap, but also not many people would want to work on the site of murder atrocities, even liberals. With all the talk of abortion being their sacrament, one would think that liberals would snap up low priced former Planned Parenthood clinics, but that was not the case where I live.

In the Old Testament, God talks about various peoples defiling the land, and one of the ways they did this was through infant sacrifice to a false god named Molech. The people performed these sacrifices for the benefit of their crops or security, thinking that the god would be pleased.

Today, abortion likewise offers a woman (or man) the economic advantage of not having to spend the time or money to raise a child. This thinking is in a very creepy way like the ancient people who sacrificed their children for material gain. And in the same way, I believe our land is being defiled. We’re talking 16 aborted babies per square mile in the U.S. That’s a lot of blood.

There is a consequence of defilement of land. The Bible speaks of God punishing the land, causing it to “vomit out its inhabitants.” That’s bad enough, but there is land other than dirt, other types of “land” that can become defiled. Here are some important lands subject to defilement.

Our cities. San Francisco’s streets are defiled by human defecation, used heroin syringes, and discarded human beings. Its economy is corrupted by the wealth of liberal billionaires that drives up the cost of everything. Every big city in America is run by liberals, and in various stages of similar decay.

Countries and governments. Some countries of Central and South America, and Mexico, are so defiled with corruption and cartels that mothers are loading their children onto trains and buses and sending them north. Children are molested along the way, and some die. Many illegal immigrants carry diseases we mastered a hundred years ago.

The Internet. No person of moral fiber can look at the Internet, particularly social media, and not see corruption. Porn sites rank high in lists of top web sites. Adult men and women become controlled by sexual addiction, damaging their lives. Twitter – need I say more?

Our children. Responsible parents limit their kids’ screen time to keep them from becoming defiled, but other parents do not, and those children indeed become defiled. These children in some cases don’t know what sex they are, and those who graduate from high school don’t know the multiplication table.

Our young men and women. Young men and women, worldwide, have little desire to marry and procreate, or even have sex. The information superhighway has led them to the land of biological defilement. This has to be a contributor to the falling birth rate among European, American, and Asian countries. Looks like the population bomb is a dud.

Our poor. Government money supports and perpetuates the defilement of entire generations in poverty. When you drive through welfare-financed neighborhoods which have a crack house and meth lab in every block, and jobless youth wandering aimlessly in the best job market in 50 years, think defiled.

Our scientists. Our best minds are defiled by greed for government money, and they will say or publish anything to get it. The title, “scientist,” has lost all honor, in the cause of Global Warming and the profits of large corporations.

Our educational institutions. Colleges and universities are programming and propaganda centers whose sole purpose is to defile our youth with socialist idiocy. Removing any hint of historical context, they fill minds with worthless garbage, then award them teaching degrees to continue the scam.

Our news media. The news media has been defiled by its transformation into a tool propaganda and manipulation. Case in point, the Russia collusion hoax. Would you recommend any teenager attend journalism school? Me neither. If there ever were a totally disgraced profession, that’s it.

Our legal system. Several states have legalized infanticide. Lawyers, judges and clerks support the defiling influence of bad laws made by evil men and women. You only have constitutional rights if you have the money to pay the best lawyers to defend them. Else, you lose. Case in point, Jussie Smollet.

The church. Let’s not forget the church, which has been defiled by pedophilia, and not just the Catholic Church. Even when there is no sexual sin, church leaders do their best to Baker-ize their organizations into money machines and real estate development empires, spawning multiple campuses to extend their influence. And our spiritual champions almost totally ignore the moral defilement of America. But they have their eye on the New York Times best seller list.

The only positive solution for defilement is repentance. Repentance is a turning away from the things that defile us, turning toward God. Some innocence yet remains, and our repentance is the only hope that it, too, will not be defiled.

The other solution, as in the case of ancient Israel and Canaan, is that the land “vomits out” those causing the land’s defilement. And there are examples of both solutions in the Bible. The choice is ours, repent or suffer the consequences.          

The defilement of America is not just because of evil politicians or toxic waste. It’s a spiritual problem, and that part can only have a spiritual solution. Are you willing to call people in your sphere of influence to repentance? Are you willing to repent of your part?

Photo credit: USDA

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