Dear Black Americans: Forget the Race Issue

I don't know why, but I am inspired this week to write an epistle to my fellow Americans that are black.  I suppose this happened because in the week that a foolish black American actor cooked up a foolish hate crime hoax, I had positive exchanges with black people.  One was a black woman who was unimpressed with the brouhaha over KKK hoods and blackface.  The other was a guy at the gym who wanted to correct my swing on a weight machine.

It's amazing, but this man used the Scott Adams technique of persuasion: he reeled off his credentials, that he had been 20 years in the service and was a fitness instructor, rather than suggest that my gym technique was racist.

This is what I want to say to black Americans.  Please, my fellow Americans, forget the race issue.  I ask you to do this not for me, or for the rest of my fellow deplorable Americans.  I ask you to do it for you.

I ask you to do this, because until you do, you will never come into your rightful inheritance as full Americans; you will remain the Little Darlings of the liberal white ruling class, their special pets seething with the resentment they have carefully taught you and voting from year to year 90 percent for Democrats.

The truth is that black Americans have never stood as tall as when you marched in the non-violent campaign of civil rights back in the 1960s.

Actually, I am not sure that any Americans have stood as tall as black Americans did in the civil rights era.

The fact is that the Civil Rights Acts went about as far as politics and legislation can go for any marginalized and oppressed group.  Ever since, we have been arguing about girl stuff like "I can't believe she said that."  We have been arguing about trifles.

And if the main objective on civil rights was reached in the '60s by making racial discrimination illegal, then why has the use of "racism," per Google Ngram, shot into the stratosphere after the civil rights era?

Equality?  I just read this aphorism from Nietzsche:

The thirst for equality can express itself either as a desire to draw everyone down to oneself (through diminishing them, spying on them, tripping them up [hello, Twitter] or to raise oneself and everyone else up (through recognizing their virtues, helping them, rejoicing in their success).

You should know that our lefty friends like to say Nietzsche is "the Nazis' favorite intellectual."

I suppose the real reason I am writing this today is that I have developed a new maxim: that leftism is a School of Hate.  First the Left taught the workers to hate the middle class, then it taught women to hate men, then it taught blacks to hate whites.  Now leftists are busy teaching gays to hate straights, and transgenders to hate gender binaries, etc.

George Orwell taught us that the point of these Two Minutes Hates is to mobilize the people and enlist them into the ruling class's wars against Eastasia.  Sometimes that is a good thing, because Hitler, but mostly it is just to whip the proles into line.

See, I have this idea that when you become a Little Darling of the ruling class, you are really enlisting in their political army, cannon fodder for their issues, not your issues.

Item: The Green New Deal, that proposes to enlist the whole nation as draftees in a global war on climate change, that will do nothing to help black Americans towards a long-delayed prosperity.

Did anyone ask black Americans about the Green New Deal?

That's the thing about government and politicians.  They are always wanting to get us into wars; really, it's the only thing government does.

Here's the thing about the Little Darlings drafted into the ruling class's political army.  Eventually, the ruling class leaves them in the ditch on the route of march when they are no longer "effectives."  That's why we talk about the white working class "dying of despair" in the political ditch.  And what about women, who are now said to have been happier back in the '50s?

See, black Americans, I think you guys are next.  We had the First Black President, and what good did he do?  We have young black males committing violent crime at eight times the rate for whites, black women getting abortions, and Democratic politicians worrying more about the "immorality" of border walls than black jobs at home.

Hey, I know.  Why don't you black Americans crank up your vote for Trump 2020 to about, oh, 25 percent, just as an experiment.  If you do, I warn you that in 2021, you will find out what white liberals really think about folks like you.

Anyway, what have you got to lose?

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