Are the Democrats Advantaging the Republicans for 2020?

Things do not seem to bode well for Democrats in 2020. 

The Democrats have assumed much political risk with their policy proposals and tactics. For example, I am a registered Independent who has voted for Democrats, including Kerry and Obama. I can say with absolute certainty that I will never vote for a Democrat again because the party is now largely anathema to all I believe in. I am certain that I am not alone in that determination and that cannot possibly bode well for the Democrat party in the next election cycle. 

One thing that seems to be unprecedented -- perhaps going back to the American Civil War -- is the dramatically wider range of citizens who over the past few years are paying extra close attention to national politics, debating each other, reading up on the issues and watching the amazing intolerance of the far left. For example, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez intends to primary any Democrat who votes with Republicans. There is little evidence of Democrat party tolerance or inclusiveness of ideas that are not those of the far left. What’s more, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has stated that working with the Republicans is wrong because it reduces Democrats’ leverage in Congress. What do citizens want more than both parties working together to solve the country’s problems?

So, we have a more engaged citizenry on the one hand, and the intolerant turn to extreme leftist policy proposals (e.g., the Green New Deal) on the other hand. In 2016, some 138 million Americans voted out of 235 million of voting age. A probable surge from that 138 million turnout could render -- as it did in 2016 -- professional polling results that are utterly useless while blindsiding Democrats who embrace the worst intentions, policies, and political practices of the far left.

Some of the new Democratic members of the House, as well as candidates for president in 2020, are reinforcing voters’ real concerns with their Open Borders policies and support for other immigration policies such as the “diversity visa lottery” and “chain migration.” Thousands upon thousands of lottery winners’ family members annually are pouring in from terror hotspots virtually unvetted, unmonitored, and unassimilated. 

Many Americans who could not have previously thought that Open Borders was really a serious policy proposal have been awakened and sobered by the reckless far left push in that direction. Indeed, it appears that suburban women, many of whom were not fans of Trump in 2016, are changing their minds based on this immigration crisis.

In addition to immigration policy problems, the behavior of the far left has also greatly focused American’s mind on 2020. For example, voters and potential voters are witnessing Rep. Ilhan Omar’s public anti-Semitic smears, Rashida Tlaib’s on-camera promise to “impeach the motherf****r!” and Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet declaration that ICE is comprised of rapists and that ICE “pins children down + forcibly injects them w/ antipsychotic drugs.” All this is after the disgraceful Judge Kavanagh debacle, and many, many more shameful displays such as legislation that supports infanticide.

Trump is a culture war president. For many of the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump, it was because the cancerous culture of the far left was being foisted upon and dictated to us as citizens and that Clinton was only going to further metastasize the disease. Trump was our last best hope, despite his apparent personal issues. A failing economy under Obama -- one that doubled the national debt to $20 trillion ($80K per family) - was not a cause of our decline in national prosperity and spirit, as well as global power and influence, but rather, just a symptom of a naive far leftist worldview and its supporting diseased culture. 

Other symptoms of this contaminated culture include eviscerating the U.S. military, powering toward a single-payer, government-controlled healthcare system via lies (ObamaCare), apologizing for “America’s Sins” on a world tour, pursuing an empty, precarious foreign policy underscored by a disastrous “Russian Reset,” the Iran nuclear deal and Paris climate deal, while ignoring China’s theft of U.S. intellectual property and its aggressive moves in the South China Sea, responding without resolve to North Korea’s nuclear threats, failing to recognize ISIS as a Muslim jihadi movement, condemning Israel, fueling domestic racial tensions, disrespecting law enforcement, and weaponizing federal agencies such as the DoJ and IRS for political-enemy-attack purposes. 

Those are just a partial list of symptoms of a far leftist culture. Some 63 million Americans, in addition to understanding the further damage to the health of our nation that Clinton would likely have presided over, saw that the 16 Republicans in the 2016 primary (other than Trump) -- and others of the Republican elite -- were central contributors to America’s problems and not capable of the aggressive policy actions required to right a listing ship. 

Those voters were concerned and wise enough to elect a President who will likely be remembered as one of our best. In combination, the points above suggest why 2020 should be a Republican blowout victory. The scorched-earth U.S. House investigative strategy to discredit President Trump will only further play into Republican’s hands. 

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