A Tale of Two Americas in 1969: Apollo 11 and Woodstock

Coming up this July and August are the 50th anniversaries of two seminal events that highlight and distinguish the two visions of American that still define in many ways the country as it is today.  Those two events were the moon landing of Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969 and, a month later, the Woodstock Music & Arts Fair, primarily a musical festival, that took place in the small rural community of Bethel in upstate New York on August 15–18, 1969.  Estimates were as high as a million people and as low as half a million attending, but it was most likely in the neighborhood of 400,000. The Apollo 11 landing and man walking on the moon for the first time represented the pinnacle of human achievement in overcoming limitations.  Woodstock represented the pinnacle of man's attempt to achieve personal liberation by rebelling against the traditions, values, and norms of a society that created the conditions for the moon landing:...(Read Full Article)
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