Why the Radical Left (and No One Else) Touts Modern Monetary Theory

You may not have heard about the fringe concept of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), but you can expect that you'll hear a lot more about it in the future as Democrats pretend the theory supports the plausibility of fiscally outrageous policy proposals like the Green New Deal. The greatest public strength of the theory is that you don't have to understand much about economics to embrace it.  Like socialism, it's anything but a new idea, but it's somehow hip for our growing number of underemployed liberal arts majors to subscribe to it and feel intellectually superior for doing so.  MMT, you see, requires that you eschew any realistic understanding of money, which is easiest to do for those who've yet to, or have failed to, earn substantial amounts of it in a free market.  Most everyday people can simply accept that money, or currency, has a specific value tied to it.  If it did not, you wouldn't go to work every day in order...(Read Full Article)
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