What FDR Knew

In order to secure a massive expansion of federal power to intervene in Americans’ lives and the marketplace, as FDR accomplished with his New Deal, politicians need to have both an indisputable crisis and a talent for deception.  Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez and company have neither. The first point is the most obvious -- there was an undeniable crisis occurring when FDR pitched his “New Deal” for the “Forgotten Man” in his 1932 campaign.  This is a key distinction.  In 1932, America was in the early years of the Great Depression, and FDR was promising to end the convulsions affecting our economy.  That was a pretty attractive prospect.  Radical leftist Democrats today, inversely, are promising to introduce massive economic convulsions which will undoubtedly change Americans’ way of life.  That’s a tougher sell in generally prosperous times, and particularly when there are legitimate doubts as to the extent of...(Read Full Article)