We Built the 2006-2007 Wall: 'Over 100 Miles in 90 Days'

"We built over 100 miles in only 90 days," explains James Bonk.  Bonk was a consultant and manager among the team of companies who in 2006-2008 built and extended much of the border wall that already exists today along the USA's southern border with Mexico, in the Goldwater and Yuma sectors.  The prime contractor was Boeing, but there were many subcontractors.  More recently, Bonk has been involved in planning border walls in Spain and in Israel.  He has worked with a variety of major companies and different engineering designs for fences and barriers. Actual experience in building miles of border wall argues for a so-called Bollard wall or fence, or the design of vertical steel rods or "slats" (perhaps some other metal, but metal) promoted by Trump more recently.  ("Bollards are upright steel posts mounted in or alongside roads and parking lots to control, direct, or obstruct vehicular traffic or...(Read Full Article)
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