The Hidden State of Illegalia

All of us have to thank Nancy Pelosi.  She turned out to be not only the speaker of the House of Representatives, but also an excellent salesperson.  Thanks to her ill conceived tricks, the advertisement of the annual presidential State of the Union (SOTU) address to the Congress reached unprecedented heights. If earlier such traditional performances were simply routine, and only a few people outside Washington were interested, then this year, the situation (thanks to Pelosi) was significantly different.  She invited Trump to speak on January 3, 2019, then "canceled" her invitation on January 16.  Then the partial government shutdown ended, and the SOTU was rescheduled to February 5. Pelosi's request for a cancelation of this traditional presidential address was an unprecedented and unheard of scandal, which ignores a hundred-year-old tradition.  She was successful in postponing the presidential address, but that...(Read Full Article)
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