The Biggest Little Whorehouse in Germany

Once one country does something stupid, the question on everyone's mind is, who's next?  Thus, when France went psycho-liberal in 1789, everyone attacked the French, and when the Russians went Soviet, we adopted a policy of containment.

Ideas tend to move from place to place.  One person says something stupid, and the other stupid people hear him, and the next thing you know, you're getting tortured in a gulag.  This is why Christ said a man who accepts the words of a prophet has a prophet's reward.  The prophet speaks first, but it takes the heart of a prophet to hear one.  The question, whenever you hear a prophet or a moron, is whether your country is full of prophets or morons.  This is why the liberals have taken over the school system and the media and why nearly everyone, until the Enlightenment, was heavily in favor of censorship.  Simply put, we took one look at our neighbors and knew they'd fall for anything.

This time, they fell for whoring.  Germany, in a move that stunned even the scandalous Italians, decided to turn itself into Las Vegas, and now the English and others are worried.  The Germans, like everyone else caught with his pants down, had an excuse.  They said they did it to protect women.  Too dangerous on the streets with pimps and such, so they decided to move prostitution into brothels.

What happened next was obvious.  A large surplus of abused and ruined women, usually abandoned or molested as children, many of them from Bulgaria and Romania and already mastered by pimps, flooded the country.  Mega-brothels opened overnight.  The number of Johns increased exponentially.  Prostitutes became a mainstay at their carnivals; mega-pimps became nouveaux riches; and the German people, once known for alcoholism and Nazis and other hilarious monkey shines, became known for taking advantage of Europe's unfortunates.  Even when the Germans are helping people, they're hurting people.

It's estimated by the German government that 400,000 such hookers live in Germany and that 90% of them, one way or another, are still forced into it.  That's five times more prostitutes than are estimated in England.

At first, the going was "good."  The hookers saw an influx of cash, and it was estimated that if you couldn't save a nest egg, you could maybe feed a family.  Money was being sent back to feed starving mothers and fathers in Romania.  The Johns came in, on "good" nights, sometimes 15 to 20 if you were lucky.  But then something happened: the market became glutted with whores.  Brothels opened next to brothels.  The smallest towns had their bordellos.  The number of Johns per woman dwindled, and the hookers themselves began to get desperate.

This is all shown in a documentary called The Mega Brothelavailable on Amazon Prime.  Beyond the prostitutes themselves, we get a glimpse at the lives of the mega-pimps.  One man, head of the biggest brothel chain right now in Germany, called Paradise, says it's a family business — but no mention, so far as I can remember, is made of his wife.  I suspect she left him, as his manager's wife estranged his manager.  The owner brought his son to work with him for years and was planning to pass the business as an inheritance — but the boy decided to kill himself first.  The daughter he brings to work (!) is proud of him and plans to get into the business herself — but only the managerial aspects of it.  When asked why not the whoring, she says it's a "tough question" that she "can't answer."  At this point, the camera pans to the father, and the expression on his face is the highlight of the whole film.

Around this point, you begin to wonder if the Germans have any dignity.  The answer is no.  Their knights in shining armor, at least in this documentary, are almost all women, and beyond this, many of these saviors are short-haired and frumpy and sexually useless — not exactly the type to reclaim a healthy sexual culture.  One group of angry feminists crashed an opening party for a new brothel — predictably topless, and screeching, and eventually thrown into a paddy wagon.  It's a good cause fought for so badly that it makes you want to side with the pimps.  Even when they're fighting for dignity, the feminists are embarrassing.  To make matters worse, so far as I was able to make out, their main objection to the industry wasn't even selling sex for money, but coercion.  A feminist believes strongly in "her body, her choice."  She thinks laying sleazebags is a career choice, but staying home with the children is a tragedy.

It should be mentioned here that these protests deeply offended the mega-pimp.  He says, predictably, that he isn't taking advantage of any women — that they all come to him (true), that he charges them entrance fees to the brothel but doesn't skim anything else off their earnings (true), and that the women who work for him are happy.  The manager, before he was arrested for trafficking, said differently.  He said the women were a disaster, completely ruined, and that they had "no souls."  But I suppose this is the difference between a man who owns a business and a man who only runs it.

I can't recommend this documentary to any of Christ's boys, but the heathens will enjoy it.  There's simply too much T&A.  But I recommend it to absolutely every woman I know, and I advise her to take notes from it and share them with the men she knows — at least if she doesn't want hookers parading the festivals for her sons, and pimps out combing the high schools for her daughters.

Jeremy Egerer is the author of the troublesome essays on Letters to Hannah, and he welcomes followers on Twitter and Facebook.

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